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Kadaria’s dance recordings on social media platforms have made her a well-known internet personality. Her channel on YouTube has over 46,000 subscribers. She is also renowned on Musical.ly (now TikTok) and Instagram, where she has posted several dance video clips. Her Instagram account has over 270,000 followers, while her TikTok account has over 5 million hearts. In addition to her cool dance routines, Kadaria is well-known for her collaborations with other leading TikTok stars. She has posted several collaborative videos, including one in which she can be seen dancing with the popular TikTok sensation Curly Head Monty.

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Early Life & Profession

Kadaria was born in the United States of America on September 14, 2004. She attended a local school in Tennessee, where she was raised and educated. Kadaria developed an interest in dance at an early age. Consequently, her parents decided to enroll her at the renowned ‘Royal Envy Dance Factory’ in Chattanooga, Tennessee. By participating in ‘The Royal Envy Dance Factory,’ Kadaria improved her dancing abilities. She even went on to compete against her fellow performers at the Tennessee Dance Studio and won several competitions. She subsequently decided to display her talent online, which led her to establish a TikTok account.

In October 2015, after establishing her TikTok account, Kadaria began posting her dance videos, which quickly gained popularity among many TikTok users. The popularity and notoriety gained on TikTok inspired her to establish an Instagram account, where she began posting similar material. Her TikTok account currently has over 5 million hearts, while her Instagram page has over 270,000 followers, making her an internet celebrity.

Kadaria created a YouTube channel on September 20, 2017, in order to upload some of her popular Instagram and TikTok (formerly known as Musical.ly) videos. She later began uploading original content to YouTube, including challenges and question-and-answer videos. “Hot Pepper Challenge Gone Wrong,” “Bartier Cardi Dance Gone Wrong,” and “Mother and Daughter Goals – She Was Trying to Do What I Was Doing” are among the most popular videos on her channel.

Her YouTube channel, titled ‘Official Kadaria,’ has over 46,000 subscribers and over 632,00 views on all of her videos. In addition to her own YouTube channel, Kadaria has appeared in a number of videos posted on the official YouTube channel for Curly Head Monty. In actuality, Kadaria’s frequent collaboration with Curly Head Monty contributed to her rapid rise to fame.

Personal Facts About Kadaria

Kadaria was in a relationship with two years her junior, Curly Head Monty. Kadaria and Curly Head Monty have appeared in a number of renowned internet dance videos together. However, they are no longer together, and the reason for their separation is unknown. Kadaria is close with her mother and has featured her in multiple recordings. Kadaria rarely discusses her personal affairs. She is presently concentrating on graduating from high school with honors.

Estimated Net Worth

Kataria has a net worth of $1 million as of December 2022. She has amassed such fortune through her primary career. Kadaria is one of the most renowned and one of the wealthiest TikTok stars.