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Jackson, Michigan

Kade Speiser is an American photographer-turned-filmmaker who rose to prominence due to his participation in Jake Paul’s ‘influencer squad’, ‘Team 10’. Nonetheless, after several other Team 10 members left in May 2018, he sparked rumors of severing his ties with the team when fans observed he had removed Team 10 from his Twitter bio. Speiser, who enjoys vlogging, independently produces, shoots, and edits the majority of his footage. He has garnered more than 1.8 million Instagram followers and more than 1.16 million YouTube subscribers. He is currently traveling around the globe with his girlfriend Mackenzie Altig, and he frequently updates his social media feeds with travel updates. He was formerly the director of content at the startup TeamDom. Numerous prestigious brands, including Levi’s Denim, Adidas, Lucky Brand, GOAT, U.S. Polo Assn., and Sperry, have endorsed him. His official merchandise is also available via the Fanjoy website. He has been nominated for the 10th ‘Annual Shorty Awards’ in the ‘Vlogger of the Year category, and the results will be announced on August 29, 2018.

Kade’s Achieve Stardom

Kade Speiser began his career at the age of 18 by joining a multi-level marketing company, where he developed a success-oriented outlook that he attributes to his later success. When he decided to leave college and move to Los Angeles in search of a career, he had no specific goals in mind, but his passion for photography and filmmaking helped him meet the proper people to advance his career. He began filming his travels and exploits in the mountains and other scenic locations because he enjoyed them so much.

Soon after, he joined Team 10 as a videographer when the largest YouTube vlogging team was still in its infancy and had just become a company. As one of the most prominent YouTube videographers, he witnessed the team expand from three to four members to a full-fledged crew.

However, in his early days, he was always in the background, and most people believed he edited his own recordings. After leaving Team 10, he progressively emerged from his shell in 2017 to create his own Instagram profile and YouTube channel and is now recognized as an independent artist.

Disputes and Scandals

Kade Speiser’s Instagram account was hacked and his direct messages were leaked in September 2017, making him the most recent member of Team 10 to be the target of a succession of hacking attacks. A number of his photos and Snapchat videos were released, many of which depicted him smoking marijuana ceaselessly. This prompted fans to question what they had previously been told, namely that the Team 10 house has strict regulations that the residents must adhere to, including a smoking ban.

Following the leak, fans began to speculate if the other Team 10 members led a comparable lifestyle. While marijuana use for recreational purposes is legal in California for adults over the age of 21, footage of him smoking throughout the day infuriated fans and damaged Team 10’s reputation as a whole.

In addition to video footage of him smoking, the hackers also released his private Instagram messages to female models. One of the communications was sent to Mackenzie Altig, who would become his girlfriend in the future. The message demonstrated his willingness to “assist her in making a decision,” and she responded with a sultry photo.

Kade’s Personal Life

Kade Speiser was born in Jackson, Michigan on July 29, 1995. His younger sibling is also a social media personality; his name is Nathan. He graduated from Jackson High School in Jackson, Michigan, and then enrolled in a college in his hometown before dropping out to pursue a career in the entertainment industry and moving to Los Angeles. He enjoys playing soccer and frequently works out with his personal trainer, Adam Castillo Jr.

Kade’s Enjoy Life

Since 2017, Kade Speiser has been in a relationship with Instagram sensation and model Mackenzie Altig. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Studies from the University of Washington and has been signed with Seattle Models Guild for more than a decade.

According to some of Speiser’s disclosed DMs, the two began communicating via Instagram private messages in the middle of 2017, and he assisted her in resolving some of her problems, which may have led to their relationship later on. Together, they currently reside in Los Angeles. She has appeared in several of his videos, and the two frequently share pictures and videos of their travels around the globe.

Estimated Net Worth

Kade is one of the wealthiest Instagram stars and one of the most renowned. According to our investigation of Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, Kade Speiser has a net worth of $5 million.