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An American YouTuber, actor, comedian, and video director by the name of Karim Jovian. He is well-known for the humorous, uplifting, and motivational material that he posts on his own YouTube channel. Additionally, he manages the gaming channel “Karim Jovian Plays,” where he publishes a range of gaming-related content. Jovian started his career as an actor since he was always interested in the entertainment industry. He later joined social media with the intention of showcasing his talent to a global audience. He has performed as an actor in many plays and musicals, including ‘Brigadoon’ and ‘Anything Goes.’ He still uploads videos to YouTube today, and the social media site now has millions of his subscribers. His objective is to demonstrate to the world his acting, video recording, video editing, and other abilities in the film and entertainment industries. Jovian is a really honorable and endearing man, personally. He is a charming and attractive man who adores his friends and family.

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Become a Star

Initially, Karim Jovian worked as an actor. Later, he appeared in productions of ‘Anything Goes’ and ‘Brigadoon,’ among other plays and musicals. He signed up for YouTube in 2009 and started uploading videos to his “AreWeFamousNow” (now “self-titled”) channel. He joined the station “3MH” at the same time as Adam Saleh, Sheikh Akbar, and Slim Albaher. Jovian continued to post on his own channel after 3MH broke up.

‘Karim Jovian Plays’ was the name of the second channel he launched on May 30, 2012. There are several gameplay videos on this gaming channel. In addition, it includes a lot of vlogs on Jovian’s private life. You can learn a lot about the Muslim community in the USA through videos on this channel like “I Finally Met My Dad after 10 Years” and “People’s Candid Thoughts on Islam.” As of September 2018, Karim Jovian Plays had more than 311k subscribers.

When you visit Jovian’s primary channel, you’ll see that it has lots of humorous and engaging videos. These include witty parodies, wild pranks, incredible challenges, and funny vlogs. When it comes to the popularity of this channel, it has already surpassed 1.7 million subscribers and over 246 million views. ’10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman in Hijab’ is the title of one of Jovian’s most well-known videos. The video, which was released in 2014, has currently received over 17 million views. Other videos by the YouTuber, such as “Would You Date A Muslim” and “Blind Muslim Trust Social Experiment,” have garnered international attention.

Ryan Higa is just one of the numerous YouTube stars Ryan Jovian has worked with thus far. Along with Sheikh Akbar, he has also produced a number of parodies.

Individual Life of Karim Jovian

On August 9, 1987, in New York City, New York, the United States, Karim Jovian was born as Karim Metwaly to Sunni Muslims from Egypt, Mohsen Metwaly, and his wife. Amier and Magid are the names of his two brothers. He went to Queens College.

Net Worth of Karim Jovian

The estimated net worth of Karim Jovian is around $1 million.