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Katie Goodland is the fiancée of the English professional footballer and national team captain Harry Kane. Katie Goodland was Harry Kane’s boyhood sweetheart prior to their decision to become engaged after five years of dating. The couple met in high school and began dating in 2011. Having seen each other’s ups and downs, they are at ease and have established themselves as a family. Harry frequently mentions in interviews that the fact that Katie has witnessed his entire life makes their relationship unique; he also lavishly glorifies her unwavering support. Together, they have a daughter, and it was recently revealed that they are expecting a second child. When Harry proposed with a grand, romantic gesture in the Bahamas, the couple’s relationship became the talk of the town. Katie has since been frequently observed with him at public events and award ceremonies. They intend to marry following the 2018 FIFA World Cup. She currently resides in London and works as a fitness professional.

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Ascend to Fame

Katie Goodland and Harry Kane both attended Chingford Foundation School in Northeast London together. In 2011, they began courting each other. The couple did not anticipate Harry’s success with his football club, as they did not anticipate his success in the sphere of football. She initially struggled to keep up with his fame because she was continually photographed on her regular walks and visits to the store; this caused her chaos, but she eventually accepted her new status as the girlfriend of a famous star.

Harry also mentioned that they initially found it difficult, but after a couple of months, they adapted to their newfound fame. Since then, they have enthusiastically participated in public events and national award ceremonies. Additionally, she is frequently observed cheering for Harry at his local events. Their most famous moment as a couple occurred in June 2017, when Harry proposed to Katie.

During their vacation in the Bahamas, he proposed to her on the shore. Later, he posted an image of this precise moment with the caption “She said yes!” She was recently spotted with Harry at the 2018 BRIT Awards in London, brandishing a long cream rose. This rose represented the #MeToo movement that has taken over the internet. She expressed her support for this conflict.

Harry was also observed donning a white rose lapel pin. Katie chose to remain in England during the 2018 FIFA World Cup, as she is expectant. Despite this, she continues to cheer for her husband’s team. Her Instagram photos disclose that she and her friends watch the games in a massive tent with a gigantic widescreen television.

Katie has pursued her own career despite her fiancé’s prominence. After earning a degree in sports science, she chose to pursue her passion for fitness. Currently, she is a fitness instructor at a Walthamstow gym. She is also active on social media, with Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Her photographs typically center on her family and her career. She utilizes these accounts to express her support for her fiancé. She has indicated that a wedding is likely to take place after the conclusion of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Katie’s Personal Life

Katie Goodland was born in England on January 21, 1993. She met Harry Kane at her Chingford school. The couple began dating early on and have been inseparable ever since. Kate and Harry were anxious to start a family as soon as they became established in life. In January 2017, she gave birth to their first daughter, Ivy Jane Kane. They recently announced that they will welcome a second child in 2018. The happy family currently resides with their Labradors in Essex, London.

Estimated Net Worth

Katie Goodland has an estimated $1 million in net worth. On the other hand, Harry Kane has an estimated net worth of $40 million.


Brady and Wilson are the names of Katie Goodland and Harry Kane’s canines, which are named after NFL quarterbacks Tom Brady and Russell Wilson.