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Australian actress and pop singer Katja Glieson. The Melbourne-born recording artist originally shot to fame when she played the role of “Elsa” in the virally successful YouTube series “Princess Rap Battle.” In the first episode of the series, she and Whitney Avalon, who played “Snow White,” rapped their way to fame. Glieson has released a number of tracks since becoming well-known online as a result of the series, including her debut single, “Look at Us.” ‘I Would Kill’ and ‘Ride the Wave’ are two of her other well-liked YouTube videos. Within a year of its release, Glieson’s most recent music video, “Come Thru” with King Bach, had over a million views. She routinely updates on her social media accounts where she interacts with her fans and regularly vlogs on her music channel on YouTube. The young woman is steadily gaining fame as an up-and-coming singer and actress.

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Career of Katja Glieson

Katja Glieson began her singing career by giving live performances at various events. In 2014, she performed on the main stages at the LGBT pride festivals CAPITAL PRIDE, OC PRIDE, and LA PRIDE. After that, she made an appearance in the pilot of the YouTube rap battle series “Princess Rap Battle.” American producer Whitney Avalon served as the show’s producer. In the episode “Snow White vs. Elsa,” Glieson made an appearance as “Elsa,” rapping with Whitney Avalon, who played “Snow White.” The video quickly gained popularity and has received over 177 million views to date, which is the most for any music video these two artists are involved in.
Glieson released a number of singles following her success in the “Princess Rap Battle,” including “Christmas Medley,” which garnered over 27k views on YouTube. She later had a similar response with her next YouTube music video, “One Last Time,” a rendition of Ariana Grande’s original song. The following videos she published were “Look At Us,” “Ride The Way,” and “Black Widow (Iggy Azalea ft. Rita Ora Cover),” each of which gained greater popularity than the one before it.

She released the “I Would Kill” music video on April 28, 2016, and it has already received over 730 thousand views. Glieson noticed a rise in her fan base with each new music video. Her following song, “Come Thru,” with King Bach, was published on August 12, 2017, and it received one million views in just one year.

Glieson has performed as a vocalist as well as starred in a few television movies and short films. Between 2013 and 2014, she had an appearance as “Special Agent Kitty” in the television series “Terminium City.” Additionally, she played the roles of Rhonda, Katya, and Eva in a number of short films, including “8 Reels of Sewage,” “The Bright Side,” and “Susceptibility.”

Individual Life of Katja Glieson

On August 19, 1996, Katja Glieson was born in Melbourne, Australia. She grew up in a middle-class home with her four siblings. In elementary and high school, Glieson experienced a lot of bullying and harassment since she was an overweight child. She was deeply upset by the bullying and eventually discovered her vocation by turning to music for peace.

She left her home country and family to pursue a music career and look into other opportunities in the entertainment industry. She took on several occupations in order to make enough money to relocate to Los Angeles. In her YouTube vlogs and other media accounts, she frequently discusses bullying and other difficulties that people deal with on a daily basis.

Estimated Net Worth of Katja Glieson

The estimated net worth of Katja Glieson is around $1 million.