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Dallas, Texas

American YouTuber and social media influencer Katy Mae. She is well-known for the YouTube channel she co-owns with Jazzy Grace, KatyandJazzy. Even though they started the channel in 2010, Katy and Jazzy didn’t really start vlogging seriously until 2012. Since then, the channel has gained more than 219 000 subscribers. They produce videos on fashion, haircuts, beauty, cuisine, crafts, challenges, and DIYs in addition to vlogging. They have also set up accounts for the channel on other social media networks during the succeeding years. They have a few hundred followers on Twitter and more than 7,000 followers on Instagram.

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Become a Star

On May 17, 2010, Katy and Jazzy launched their YouTube channel. Katy was only nine years old at the time. On June 12th, the first video was posted. Jazzy danced with two older girls in the video titled “Us dancing to Somebody to Love by Justin Bieber!”. They’re not even dancing in time, and the footage is shaky and unclear. The genuineness of their attempts, though, gives a glimmer of what they might develop into in the future.

The first round of videos mostly covered gymnastics, dancing, and hairstyles. On November 30, 2012, Katy made her debut on the channel in a video titled “Tutorial with Katy and Jazzy adorable chain earrings.” The video featured an 11-year-old Katy and a 10-year-old Jazzy offering guidance on how to manufacture chain earrings to their at-the-time modest audience of subscribers in an unassuming and sincere manner.

The girls started uploading frequently as they managed their coursework and individual extracurricular interests. They covered a wide range of subjects, including food, challenges, and cosmetic demonstrations. The channel’s major emphasis, though, remained to vlog. Over the years, they built up a base of devoted followers that grew. They have approximately 29 million views and more than 219 thousand members as of 2018.

Get Ready With Us for a Birthday Party | Hair, Makeup & Outfits is their most popular video. It was posted on May 9, 2014, and has had over eight million views. Another one of their well-liked videos is “Girl slices her tongue while eating a lollipop” (1.9 million views), followed by “Bean Boozled Challenge! | Katy and Jazzy” (1.6 million views), “Makeup Swap Challenge | Katy and Jazzy” (1.3 million views), and “Homecoming Vlog + Pictures! | Katy and Jazzy” (650 thousand views).

Katy launched her own YouTube account on July 5, 2016. She also maintains personal Twitter and Instagram profiles.

Katy’s Individual Life

Katy was born on April 11, 2001, in Dallas, a contemporary city in the US state of Texas. Heather is the name of her older sister. She attended the same school as Jazzy Grace did when they were little. Since Jazzy was six and Katy was seven years old, they had been buddies.

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