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Syracuse, New York

American YouTuber Kelsey Besanson is well-known for running the Kelsey Simone channel. Her makeup and beauty tips, together with the fashion advice vlogs she posts on her channel, have helped her become more well-known. RosieCheeksAndFreckles was the previous name of the channel. Her videos have grown a lot of popularity over the years, and she now has over 1.6 million subscribers. She started her YouTube career in 2014. Her initial surge in popularity encouraged her to keep adding new videos to her account. Her channel attracted hundreds of thousands of subscribers in a matter of months. “Glowy No-Makeup Look! | 2017 Everyday Makeup Tutorial” and “How to Look Good in Every Picture | & Modeling Tips” are two of her most-watched videos. While the latter video has surpassed 3.3 million views, the former has amassed over 3.8 million views. In addition to her work on YouTube, she runs an online store where she offers a variety of fashion and beauty items.

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Employment of Kelsey Besanson

Although Kelsey Besanson started her YouTube account in 2013, she didn’t start uploading videos until 2014. That was just when she was fifteen. “TMI tag/boys, food, & tattoos!” and “My Current favorites 2015!” are two of her early videos. One of her initial viral videos was a response to Justin Bieber’s album “Purpose.” Since it was posted in November 2015, the video has had over 943,000 views. She also states in the video that she likes Justin Bieber.

Her debut cooking video, “Come Cook with Me! | Kelsey,” was uploaded in May 2016. There have been almost 700,000 views of the video. In February 2017, she posted her first video, titled “Everyday makeup tutorial,” which has amassed over a million views. So far, the video has received close to 3 million views. “Prom Vlog 2016 | My prom experience!” is her second video to surpass one million views, with over 4 million views. May 2017 saw the upload of the video.

Her other well-liked videos include “How I edit my Instagram pictures! | Minimal aesthetic” with over 700,000 views and “Glowing Dewy Skin | Sensitive Skincare Routine,” which has around 800,000 views. With more than 4.6 million views, her video titled “How to Look Cute with No Effort! | Back to School GRWM” is also very popular. Five million people have viewed her video, “My Room Tour 2016! (Aesthetically Pleasing)”. She has 1.6 million channel subscribers as of right now.

Individual Life of Kelsey Besanson

On June 17, 1999, Kelsey Simone Besanson was born in Syracuse, New York, in the United States. Other than revealing that her mother’s name is Liz, she hasn’t disclosed anything about her personal life. But since she started her YouTube channel at a young age, it’s assumed that she received a home education.

Net worth of Kelsey Besanson

The estimated net worth of Kelsey Besanson is about $2 million.