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American social media influencer Khayman Burton. He first rose to fame as a “Vine” star before transitioning to “YouTubing.” Before the ‘Vine’ app was removed, he had amassed over two million followers. One of Khayman’s two “YouTube” channels was created in partnership with his girlfriend. Similar content is included on both channels and includes vlogs, trip journals, storytime videos, pranks, and challenges. Khayman is also well-known for his ‘Snapchat’ Q&A videos where he invites his followers to pose amusing queries. He runs a website with his girlfriend where they exchange goods.

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Fame on social media

Through “Vine,” Khayman entered the social media world. He made an immediate impression on the audience. His “Vine” fans referred to him as “SpecialK,” and he has worked with a number of the platform’s celebrities, including Ronnie Banks, SheLovesMeechie, and Lunchtrae. Khayman eventually became well-known as a “Viner,” and before the app was taken down, he had more than two million followers on the social media platform.

Soon after, Khayman shifted his attention to “YouTube,” where he started his first channel, “KBURTON.” The channel, which debuted on December 24, 2013, mostly features daily vlogs, trip journals, and Q&A videos. On the channel, he occasionally uploads films of challenges and practical jokes. Khayman frequently includes his girlfriend in his movies. Today, there are over 245 thousand subscribers to the channel.

Khayman and his fiancée Karla Jara started their joint “YouTube” channel, “KB AND KARLA,” in July 2017. This channel has challenges, pranks, and vlogs just like his main channel. Additionally, Karla and Khayman produce videos about their union. More than 235 thousand people subscribe to the channel.

Additionally, Khayman and Karla have a clothing brand that they sell on their personal website. Additionally active on “Instagram,” Khayman has over 730 thousand followers thanks to his activities there. He has almost 338 thousand followers on Twitter.

Individual Life of Khayman Burton

In Los Angeles, California, United States, on March 28, 1995, Khayman Maliik Burton was born. His younger siblings are number four. Khayman has lived in China, Indonesia, and Thailand. While residing in China, he learnt Mandarin.

He was a student at Portland, Oregon’s “Grant High School.” He was a student at “Oregon State University” in 2013. In high school, Khayman was a basketball player.

Khayman genuinely enjoys playing video games. He likes to watch movies as well. He makes an effort to view every new Netflix release. “Space Jam” is Khayman’s all-time favorite film.

Khayman enjoys Sriracha sauce a lot. Any dish that is served with Sriracha is acceptable in his eyes. His body bears two tattoos.

Net Worth of Khayman Burton

The estimated net worth of Khayman Burton is around $1 million.