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The British actress Kia Pegg began her acting career at a very young age. Her most well-known role was as “Jody Jackson” in the British children’s television series “Tracy Beaker Returns.” Pegg made her acting debut in the sitcom “The Legend of Dick and Tom,” playing a minor role. Pegg was trained for the stage at an early age. However, she liked being in front of the camera more than performing live. Pegg made an appearance in the film Toast. She portrayed “Vicious Vicky” in the Horrid Henry: The Movie children’s film. The role of “Jody Jackson” was what made Pegg famous and well-known. She was subsequently offered the same role in “The Dumping Ground,” a spin-off of “Tracy Beaker Returns.” Pegg received a nomination for the “BAFTA” children’s category for her compelling performance. Pegg has also voiced “Jody Jackson” in several video games. She made an appearance on “Hacker Time,” a children’s comedic discussion show. Kia Pegg is an enthusiastic young actress who wants to make a big name for herself in the industry.

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Childhood & Formative Years

Ka- June 29, 2000, saw the birth of May Pegg in Birmingham, England. Jonathan Pegg, her father, is a boxing promoter and trainer. Her mum is Rachel Pegg. Jack and Joe are her two younger brothers. Pegg had her early schooling at the “Gossey Lane Junior School.” She later enrolled in the “CTC Kingshurst Academy.”

Pegg began receiving stage instruction at a very young age. She received her theatrical instruction at the “Birmingham Stage School Showbiz.” The little girl’s drama teacher encouraged her to pursue acting seriously after recognizing her talent. Since memorizing lines came naturally to Pegg, she considered acting. Pegg preferred being in front of the camera to performing live.

Career of Kia Pegg

2008 saw Kia Pegg make her television debut at the age of eight. In an episode of the television show “The Legend of Dick and Tom,” she portrayed “Barbara.” It was shown on the “CBBC” television network. Pegg had a brief role in the comedy-drama film Toast in 2010. S. J. Clarkson was the film’s director, and it was biographical. Pegg portrayed a girl attending primary school in the film.

2011 saw Kia Pegg take on a more significant part in the adventure comedy film “Horrid Henry: The Movie” aimed towards young audiences. Nick Moore served as the director. The fictional character “Horrid Henry” from Francesca Simon’s children’s book series served as the inspiration for the film. Pegg played “Vicious Vicky,” a mischievous youngster who was the sister of “Sour Susan,” in the film.

Pegg seized the opportunity in 2012 that resulted in her major career breakthrough. She received an offer to play the British sitcom character “Jody Jackson” in Tracy Beaker Returns. It was modeled around Jacqueline Wilson’s novels. The “CBBC” network carried the series. Despite making only three appearances in the main series, the character established herself as a mainstay in the spin-offs that followed.

Pegg was allowed to play “Jody Jackson” in the 2013 spin-off series “The Dumping Ground,” which was based on “Tracy Beaker Returns.” Additionally, the “CBBC” network showed this. The show centered on the lives of children and the adults who look after them. “Jody” appeared frequently in the program. Pegg performed brilliantly throughout the season. She received a nomination in 2014 for the “BAFTA Children’s Award,” in the “Best Performer” category.

Pegg starred in “The Dumping Ground Survival Files,” a miniseries, in 2014. The characters from “The Dumping Ground” served as the basis for this five-part series. The network known as “CBBC” broadcast this. She acted in the film “The Quiet One” that same year. Jon Pegg was the director of it. Pegg portrayed “Peewee,” a character in the film who was the protagonist’s daughter.

Kia Pegg made a guest appearance on the children’s comedic discussion show “Hacker Time” in 2015. She made an appearance in “The Dumping Ground: I’m,” a 2016 spin-off of the popular show. Pegg has appeared in multiple video games that are based on the “The Dumping Ground” franchise. She made an appearance as “Jody Jackson” in every game. In 2017, Pegg portrayed “Zoe McCluskey” in an episode of the medical drama series “Doctors.”

Individual Life of Kia Pegg

Kia Pegg hasn’t tied the knot. It is unknown if she is dating anyone. She is a youthful, energetic person who enjoys performing. Pegg’s mother claims that her daughter’s character is comparable to “Jody Jackson.” She has five Chihuahuas and adores animals. She currently resides in Birmingham’s Tiles Cross with her family. Pegg is active on Twitter and Instagram, among other social media sites.

Net worth of Kia Pegg

The estimated net worth of Kia Pegg is about $1 million.