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English YouTuber Kiingtong is well-known for the gameplay videos he posts on his channel including Minecraft. In addition, he uploads gameplay videos of Fortnite to another gaming account. Kiingtong is an extremely skilled Minecraft content designer, best known for his Cube SMP S3, Cube UHC, and Build Battle game series. A remarkable and proficient player of video games, he occasionally streams live to allow viewers to see the action while enjoying his insightful commentary. Kiingtong enjoys vlogging as well and occasionally creates humorous and engaging films. As seen in his videos, he is a modest and jovial person in real life. When he’s not playing games or vlogging, he’s a nice, kind man who values his time with his friends and family.

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Ascent to Fame

On November 26, 2011, the YouTuber launched Kiingtong, his main channel. ‘Minecraft – Fully operational dock cannon’ was his debut video. Kiingtong began the Minecraft Parkour series on July 2, 2012, and he has since produced numerous videos about it. He released his Minecraft – Hunger Games series in June 2013 and posted several gameplay videos on the platform. Each of these videos received a respectable amount of views and brought in a respectable number of new subscribers to Kiingtong’s channel.

The gamer posted a “Hot Pepper Challenge” video in April 2015, and his fans enjoyed it. When the video “She Killed Him! (Minecraft 1.9 Parkour w/ Graser10, HeyImBee & TYBZI)” was released the next year, his gaming center gained popularity. He enjoyed a great deal of success on the platform when this video went viral. As of October 2018, his gaming channel had over 234k subscribers, indicating that it is performing rather well these days.

“I Am AiR” – Minecraft SkyWars Trolling! (I Am Stone Challenge)” is the most popular Minecraft gameplay video on his channel. For everyone who enjoys Minecraft video games, this challenge-based gameplay video is a must-watch! This video has received over 817k views thus far. Kiingtong also manages the Kiing-Fortnite gaming channel. It debuted on March 4, 2016, and it has gameplay from Fortnite. This video can be seen at

Individual Life of Kiingtong

Kiingtong was born in Leicester, England, on December 19, 1995. He’s got a sister and a brother. He is currently dating Emily, who appears frequently in his Instagram pictures. Many players of Minecraft, such as Graser10, ChildDolphin, StrauberryJam, TheCampingRusher, Bayani, Grapeapplesauce, HBomb94, and HeyImBee, are friends with Kiingtong. He hasn’t disclosed to his admirers any information about his parents.

Facts of Kiingtong

There is a fascinating narrative that gives rise to the name Kiingtong. When Will was younger, the back of his classroom made it difficult for him to see the board. He would narrow his eyes to improve his focus, giving the impression that he was Asian. Because it “sounded Asian,” his friends gave him the nickname Kiingtong.

Net worth of Kiingtong

The estimated net worth of Kiingtong is about $1 million.