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Seoul, South Korea

Kim Hyun-joong is a well-known actor and singer from South Korea. He is most known for being the frontman and main rapper of the South Korean boyband SS501. ‘Playful Kiss’ and ‘Boys Over Flowers’ are two of his dramas. Kim is well-known in Korea and is regarded as a fashion icon. His tour of Japan was a huge success, and he gained a lot of notoriety as a result of it. Despite the fact that he has been involved in multiple legal disputes, his fame has not been harmed, and his admirers continue to love him. ‘Unlimited,’ ‘Heat,’ ‘Tonight,’ ‘Round 3’, and ‘Imademo’ are some of his most well-known albums. He has been on television shows such as ‘Inspiring Generation,’ ‘Can Love Be Refilled,’ and ‘Nonstop 5.’ He’s also starred in a number of reality series, including ‘Happy Together 3’, ‘K-Pop Star Conquering The World,’ ‘We Got Married,’ and others. In the film ‘Shark Bait / Pi Story,’ he voiced a character.

Childhood and Adolescence

Kim Hyun-joong was born on June 6, 1986, in Seoul, South Korea. He has a sibling who is older than him. Kim was a very genuine and studious child when she was little. He was a top student in school, generally receiving the first or second place award. In his early childhood, he was regarded as a champion in mathematics and art competitions, winning multiple awards. His parents never considered him selecting any other field because he was so dedicated to his education.

He was nearly entirely focused on academics until he was introduced to music in high school. He then joined the school band and began playing bass guitar. Joong’s affinity to music led to a lot of soul-searching, and he eventually decided to pursue a career as a singer. After that, he dropped out of school to pursue a career in music.
He returned to school and completed his education after establishing himself in the boyband SS501. In 2011-2012, he studied stage production management at Chungwoon University. He went on to Kongju Communication Arts University to study applied music.

Career of Kim

Kim made his musical debut in June 2005 with the release of his first album, ‘Warning,’ by his band SS501. They went on to promote their debut studio album, ‘S.T 01 Now,’ later. They wanted to take their music outside of Korea in 2007, and they chose Japan as their destination. ‘Kokoro,’ their debut Japanese single, was released. They soon followed up with another hit, ‘Distance,’ which brought the band SS501 to Japan.
Joong starred as the lead in the 2008 television drama ‘Boys Over Flowers.’

The singles ‘All My Love,’ ‘Solo Collection,’ ‘Rebirth,’ and ‘Destination’ were released in 2009-2010. Their contract expired soon after they released four singles in a row. Kim left DSP Media and joined KeyEast Entertainment Company in 2010, according to official announcements. As a representative of South Korea, he was also invited to perform at the Asian Games in Guangzhou. He performed the hit track “Sunshine Again.” In ‘Playful Kiss,’ a Korean remake of a popular Chinese drama, Joong portrayed the lead role. He released his debut solo mini-album on June 7, 2011. ‘Break Down’ was the title of the song. He launched his second album, ‘Lucky,’ a month later.

He released his debut solo Japanese single in January 2012. ‘Kiss Kiss/Lucky Guy’ was the title of the song. In December 2012, he published his most popular album, ‘Unlimited,’ which included songs such as ‘Lucky Guy,’ ‘Break Down,’ and others. ‘Tonight,’ Kim’s third Japanese single, was released on June 5th, 2013. Soon after, he published his album, ‘Round 3,’ which was an immediate success. Kim joined in the required military service in May 2015. He was one of the most talented recruiters there, and he was swiftly elevated to Team Leader. On the 11th of February, 2017, he was officially discharged as a Sergeant after serving his country for 21 months.

Major Projects of Kim

‘Unlimited’ and ‘Imademo’ are two of Kim Hyun-most joong’s well-known studio albums. In both Korean and Japanese, he excelled in lengthy plays. ‘The Reason I Live,’ ‘Beauty Beauty,’ ‘Your Story,’ ‘Break Down,’ and ‘Kiss Kiss’ are some of his most successful singles. He has appeared in about 20 video tracks, many of which have been hugely successful.

Achievements & Awards

At the Asia Song Festival Awards 2012, Kim Hyun-joong won the ‘Best Asian Artist Award’ as well as the ‘Best Artist Award – South Korea.’ In 2013, he received the Korean Entertainment Award in Japan for ‘Best Male Solo Singer.’ In 2010, he was named the ‘Most Influential Star’ by Mnet 20. Between 2009 and 2014, Joong received roughly 16 Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards in categories such as ‘Top Buzz Solo Artist,’ ‘Popular Artist,’ and ‘Most Searched.’ In 2009, he won the ‘Korean Junior Star Award’ for his work in ‘Boys Over Flowers.’ His other major drama, ‘Playful Kiss,’ earned him an MBC Drama award for ‘Male Popularity.’ Kim has also received numerous accolades, including Youth Icon Awards, Style Awards, Model Awards, Best Couple Awards, and so on.

Personal Experiences of Kim

Kim Hyun-joong is a devout follower of the Catholic faith. His altruism has made him famous. He participated in a coal briquette distribution program in January 2011, where he distributed approximately 20,000 briquettes. In 2011, he also gave $50,000 to the Korean Red Cross Association. He provided significant contributions to the Kim Hyun-joong Scholarship and the Summer Campaign for Senior Citizens Living Alone. He gave roughly $90,000 to the ‘One Foundation’ in March 2013 to aid the victims of the earthquake in Ya’an, China.

Kim was charged with bodily assault by his ex-girlfriend, who filed domestic abuse allegations against him. She eventually retracted nearly all of the charges. His ex-girlfriend then accused him of torture and miscarriage as a result of Kim’s beatings, but these charges were never proven in court, and the court decided in favor of Kim.Joong was diagnosed with the H1N1 virus in September 2009. In Japan, he received rapid treatment for the same.

Estimated Net Worth

Kim Hyun Joong’s net worth is $5 million. Kim Hyun Joong is a South Korean entertainer and the leader of the band SS501. Kim Hyun Joong was born on June 6th, 1986, and was an ordinary South Korean youngster until he decided to drop out of school to pursue a career as a singer.