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Kim So-eun is a South Korean actress best known for portraying Chu Ga-eul in the television drama “Boys Over Flowers.” While still in school, she made her acting debut in the 2004 film ‘Two Guys.’ She also had minor appearances in television dramas such as ‘Sisters of the Sea’ and ‘Sad Love Story,’ as well as films such as ‘Two Guys’ and ‘Family Matters.’ She rose to prominence after starring in the period drama ‘Empress Cheonchu’ as a younger version of Hwangbo Soo. She acquired expert horseback riding and archery training for this role. She is also well-known for her role in the romantic comedy series ‘He Who Can’t Marry,’ which is a version of the Japanese drama ‘Kekkon Dekinai Otoko.’ She’s been in music videos for SHINee and 8Eight, as well as in publications such as Allure Korea, Vogue Korea, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle Girl Korea.

Childhood and Adolescence

Kim So-eun was born on September 6, 1989, in Namyangju, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. Apart from the fact that she has a younger sister, little is known about her childhood and family. She went to Chung-Ang University, a private university in Seoul, to study. She was a national athlete as a child and used to train professionally as a skier and skater. However, after being scouted as a professional model at a junior advanced skate and snowboarding tournament in Pyeongchang, Gangwon Province, in 2003, her training was put on pause indefinitely.

Career of Kim

After playing Kwon Oh-bok in the 2010 television drama series ‘A Good Day for the Wind to Blow,’ she became more popular. She later went on to star in the weekend television drama ‘A Thousand Kisses’ as Woo Joo-mi. The topic of age differences in relationships was covered in this episode. She participated in three television shows in 2012, as Angel L in ‘Secret Angel,’ Kim Eun-ha in ‘Happy Ending,’ and Princess Sukhwi in ‘Horse Doctor.’ She also appeared in the reality show ‘Music and Lyrics,’ in which an actress and a male artist cooperate to write a song’s lyrics and music.

Thus, Kim and Lee Jun-ho of 2PM (boyband) wrote the song ‘Love is Sad,’ which Lee recorded and released as a single, and which appeared on the soundtrack of ‘Feast of Gods.’ She played Kim So-eun, a shy girl who is invited to a high school club and meets with wonderful tasks in every episode of ‘Horse Doctor,’ bringing out her bright and vibrant nature. After that, she portrayed Nam Da-jung in the television drama ‘Liar Game.’ She portrayed an innocent college student who passes a hidden camera audition and is then invited to participate in the reality show ‘Liar Game,’ a psychological survival game in which competitors deceive one another in order to survive and win the prize money.

She starred in the horror film ‘Mourning Grave’ in 2014, in which she plays a ghost who meets a high school guy named Kang Ha-neul who has the ability to sense ghosts. Kim also appeared in the fourth season of the reality show ‘We Got Married,’ in which she was paired with Song Jae-rim. This not only helped them become more popular as an on-screen pair, but it also helped her progress as an actress. She starred in the romance drama ‘Sky Lantern’ in 2015, in which she played a young lantern designer who is attempting to move on after the loss of a loved one. She featured opposite Taiwanese singer-actor Aaron Yan in this Korean–Chinese co-production.

In the same year, she starred in the Samsung-produced web drama ‘Falling for Challenge.’ With over 20 million views, the show became one of the most popular dramas. The plot revolves around Na Do-jeon, a shy but clever youngster who works part-time as a Pierrot clown, and Ban Ha-ha, played by Kim, a girl who dreams of opening her own food truck. These two characters meet and begin a relationship while attempting to save the One Plus hobby club, which was essential in their falling in love.

Kim also appeared in the 2015 television series ‘Scholar Who Walks the Night,’ in which she played the daughter of a nobleman and the vampire’s past love. In recent months, she starred as Shin Gap-soon in the television drama ‘Our Gap-soon,’ and she also competed in ‘Battle Trip,’ a competition in which two groups of celebrities go to different locations based on topics allocated to them. They provide viewers with travel information as well as some fantastic advice. The winner of this reality program is determined by the audience, who vote for their favorite celebrity. On the 24th of July, 2017, it was announced that she would star alongside Lee Sang-yeob in the KBS drama ‘You’re Closer than I Think.’ The drama premiered in September of 2017.

Achievements & Awards

Kim won the Best Couple Award for ‘Boys Over Flowers’ in the 2009 Arirang TV 1000th Episode Poll, as well as the KBS Drama Awards for ‘Boys Over Flowers,’ ‘He Who Can’t Marry,’ and ‘Empress Cheonchu.’
She also received Best New Actress at the 2012 MBC Drama Awards for ‘Horse Doctor,’ and New Star of the Year and Best Couple Award at the 2014 MBC Entertainment Awards for ‘We Got Married.’ For ‘Our Gap-soon,’ Kim also won an SBS Drama Award in the Special Acting Award category.

Personal History and Legacy

Kim Therefore-eun has kept her personal life private, so little information about her current or previous relationships is known. She is currently entirely focused on furthering her profession.

Estimated Net Worth

Kim So-Eun is one of the wealthiest TV actresses and one of the most popular. Kim So-net Eun’s worth is estimated to be $78 million, according to Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.


By appearing in the 2012 instructional films for Hongcheon’s Vivaldi ski resort, Kim demonstrated that she is still interested in skating. Clean and Clear, Samsung Anycall, Maxim Coffee, Clinique cosmetics, Hyundai, and Bonjuk Food Chains are among the brands she has sponsored. Kim is an outspoken promoter of art cinema, sustainable living, and youth activism. In 2009, she was a goodwill ambassador for the Korea International Youth Film Festival and University Fashion Week, in 2011, she was a goodwill ambassador for the Jeonju International Film Festival, the Golden Cinema Festival, and the Green Film Festival.