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Kim So-yeon is a South Korean actress who has made a name for herself in the country’s entertainment business. She is one of the most well-known Korean celebrities, having appeared in numerous hit TV series, films, and variety shows. She has also won a number of prizes for her work throughout the years. She first rose to prominence as a teenager after winning a beauty pageant against her parents’ wishes. She then began starring in TV shows such as ‘Dinosaur Teacher’ and ‘Soonpoong Clinic’ while still a teenager in the mid-1990s. These early roles gave her confidence in her abilities, and she chose to pursue acting as a career. She was correct in her decision, as she achieved enough popularity and notoriety in the following years to become a household name in South Korea. Some of her most successful acting performances are ‘All About Eve,’ ‘Prosecutor Princess,’ and ‘Iris,’ for which she received numerous acting honors and was nominated for additional roles.

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Childhood and Adolescence

Kim So-yeon was born on November 2, 1980, in Seoul, to a middle-class, conservative family. Everyone around her complimented her on her appearance, and her passion for television dramas pushed her to eat well and exercise often in order to stay in shape for a career in the entertainment sector.

She sensed that her family would not be supportive, and at the age of 14, she was given the opportunity to compete in the Miss Binggrae beauty pageant, despite the fact that she lacked the financial means to purchase the necessary makeup kit. She didn’t even acquire her parents’ consent to participate in the pageant.

She drew her eyeliner with a pen and used the cheapest makeup kit she could find.
She appeared to be older than she was, and this, combined with her attractive face and body, helped her get early opportunities in the profession.

Along the way, she continued to perform modeling jobs and commercials, and as a result of her success, her parents were ultimately able to forgive her. Kim was the highest-paid South Korean model of her generation at one point. Her ambition, though, was to act, so she enrolled in the Dongguk University Theatre and Film Department’s professional acting program.

A Career of Kim So-yeon

Kim made her acting debut at the age of 14 in the television series “The Dinosaur Teacher,” for which she won the SBS Drama Awards’ Best Young Actress Award. She went on to star in the popular dramas ‘Reporting for Duty’ and ‘Soonpoong Clinic’ in the mid-90s, not long after her initial triumph.

This was the beginning of her career, and she was suddenly everywhere, from television ads to publications, and she had even worked as a host for the popular music show ‘Inkigayo.’

She made her film debut in 1997 with the film ‘Change,’ in which she played Ko Eun-bi. She had also been in a number of music videos by that time, despite the fact that she was still a teenager.

Kim’s remarkable talent was on display in 2000’s drama ‘All About Eve,’ in which she played a lady who was deceitful, nasty, evil, and yet extraordinarily attractive.

This character was well-liked not just by South Koreans, but also by worldwide viewers who admired her portrayal of a vamp. However, this had a drawback: Kim was now being offered comparable jobs, putting her at risk of typecasting concerns.

As a result, she began to turn down several nice offers, which had a negative impact on her overall career. Her subsequent roles aided her in discarding the image she so desperately wished to lose.

However, it was the Chinese film ‘Seven Swords,’ released in 2005, that dealt her a major setback. The film was intended to capitalize on her burgeoning Chinese fan base, but it bombed, as did her TV dramas such as ‘Just Like a Beautiful Flying Butterfly’ and ‘Anhui Merchants.’
She became depressed as a result of the severe setback to her career, and she spent her three-year hiatus with her family. She needed to know whether or not she wanted to pursue her acting career at this point in her life. Her South Korean series ‘Autumn Shower’ was likewise panned, and it appeared to be the final nail in the coffin.

She appeared to be taking herself and her work far too seriously. However, she made a comeback in 2008 with a new attitude, starring in the film ‘Gourmet.’ She later stated in interviews that she had a lot of fun acting for the first time, which encouraged her to continue her career. And with this shift in perspective came much-needed success.

She made her acting debut in the spy thriller series ‘Iris’ in 2009, playing a North Korean detective. Her performance gained tremendous critical acclaim as a result of her cutting her hair short and getting deep into the skin of her character. The drama was a hit, and Kim won the Popularity Award at the SBS Drama Awards the following year.

Kim had another excellent year in 2010, appearing in two successful dramas, ‘Dr. Champ’ and ‘Prosecutor Princess,’ and receiving another SBS Drama Award.

She was cast in a pivotal role in the historical drama film ‘Gabi’ in 2012, for which she worked extremely hard to prepare for the role of a Royal Barista who is simultaneously engaged on a plot to assassinate the Emperor. The film was a hit, as was her following TV endeavor, a historical drama called ‘The Great Seer.’


In 2014, she continued to take on hard parts, starring in the film ‘I Need Romance 3’ as an older woman who falls in love with a much younger man who also happens to be a childhood acquaintance.
Kim joined the cast of the popular variety show ‘We Got Married’ in 2015, and the following year, she starred in the comedic drama series ‘Falling for Innocence,’ in which she played a businesswoman who falls in love with her secretary.

She earned multiple honors for her role in the award-winning family drama ‘Happy Home’ in 2016, including the APAN Star Award, Korea Drama Awards, and MBC Drama Awards.

Personal Experiences of Kim So-yeon

Since their first appearance together in 2016’s ‘Happy Home,’ Lee Sang-woo and Kim So-yeon have piqued the interest of the media and their fans. However, they rejected the dating rumors until September 2016, when they finally accepted it and revealed publicly that they were planning to marry in June 2017. The wedding was held in a large ceremony with close family members, colleagues, and friends in attendance.

Estimated Net Worth

Kim So Yeon has a net worth of $10 million. Kim So Yeon is a South Korean actress. Her most well-known roles are All About Eve, Iris, Prosecutor Princess, and Happy Home on television.