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Kim Yoo-jung is a well-known actress from South Korea. She has been a show business star since she was four years old. Kim, dubbed ‘Korea’s Little Sister,’ has progressed through the industry from a child artist to a young idol. She began her acting career in films and television series before becoming a guest artist on some of South Korea’s most popular variety shows. She has hosted several events and appeared in the reality show ‘I’m Real Kim Yoo-jung in LA,’ which was taped in Los Angeles for QTV. Throughout her career, she has supported a number of programs relating to child welfare and environmental conservation. She has starred in many artists’ music videos and has also played in South Korean theater. She’s received a slew of honors and has a sizable social media following. Kim Yoo-jung, who is only in her teens, has already earned a name for herself in the South Korean entertainment world and has a promising future ahead of her.

Childhood and Adolescence

Kim Yoo-jung was born in Seoul, South Korea, on September 22, 1999. She has a brother and a sister who are older than her. She began performing at the age of four and has since established herself as one of South Korea’s most well-known child entertainers. She walked the runway in a Charity Fashion Show for Underprivileged Children when she was five years old.She attended Goyang High School of Arts despite a rigorous schedule due to her performing career.

Career of Kim

She became South Korea’s most successful kid performer after her debut in 2003. By the time she was in fifth grade, she had appeared in 13 TV shows and 15 films. At the age of nine, she won the Best Child Actress Award for her role in the action series ‘Iljimae.’By 2010, she had established herself as an actor, starring in television series such as ‘Dong Yi,’ ‘Flames of Desire,’ and ‘Grudge: The Revolt of Gumiho.’ She learned how to manage her acting schedule like a true professional even though she was still in her teens.

Her reputation soared in the following years, thanks to her roles in the fantasy dramas ‘Moon Embracing the Sun’ and ‘May Queen.’ She attended the Miss Gee Collection Fall and Winter Fashion Shows in Paris and Seoul at this time. In 2013, she also had minor roles in the films ‘Commitment’ and ‘Golden Rainbow,’ both family dramas.

With performances as an adolescent bully in ‘Thread of Lies,’ a traditional funeral singer in ‘Drama Special,’ and a young girl in the horror mystery ‘Room 731,’ she had established herself as a versatile performer by 2014. She also began presenting ‘Inkigayo,’ a popular South Korean music show.

The next year, she starred in ‘Angry Mom,’ a television series about school violence, and in ‘Love Cells,’ as a cat who transforms into a human. In the same year, she starred as a murderer’s daughter in the action thriller ‘Circle of Atonement.’She starred alongside Park Bo-gum in the drama ‘Love in the Moonlight’ in her first film as an adult. Her performance earned her the ‘Excellence Award, Actress in a Mid-Length Drama’, and the film became an instant hit.

Her most recent projects include Cha Tae-romance hyun’s comedy ‘Because I Love You,’ as well as an overseas tour to meet fans in Japan, China, and Taiwan. She also created her web series, ‘Love Cells’ and ‘Love Cells 2,’ which were published on the website of ‘Naver TV Cast.’

She went on to feature as a guest artist on several shows and even as a narrator and host on a few after establishing herself as a media figure at a young age. Her career as a reality star was featured in the show ‘I’m Real Kim Yoo-jung in LA,’ which was taped in Los Angeles for QTV. Kim Yoo-jung has demonstrated her versatility by appearing in several music videos and performing on stage in the plays ‘Chorus of Angels’ and ‘The Crucible.’

Her Major Projects

‘All for Love’ (2005), ‘Forbidden Floor’ (2006), ‘Rainbow Eyes’ (2007), ‘Possessed’ 2009, ‘The Nutcracker in 3D’ (2012), ‘Commitment’ (2013), ‘Thread of Lies’ (2014), and ‘Because I Love You’ (2015) are some of her notable films (2017).In 2004, she starred in the television series ‘Freezing Point,’ ‘Princess Hours,’ and ‘My Beloved Sister,’ in 2006, ‘Queen Seondeok,’ ‘Tamra the Island,’ and ‘Temptation of an Angel,’ in 2009, ‘Flames of Desire,’ and ‘Pure Pumpkin Flower,’ in 2010, ‘The Dirge Singer,’ in 2014, and ‘Love in the Moon. She has been in the variety shows ‘Taxi’ (2010), ‘Strong Heart’ (2012), ‘Running Man’ (2013), ‘Happy Together Season 3’ (2014), and ‘2 Days & 1 Night’ (2015), among others (2016).

She has narrated several episodes, including the “26th Children’s Green Song Contest” (2011), “New Life for Children” (2012), and “Environment Special” (2012). From 2011 to 2016, she hosted the shows ‘Just Like That’ and ‘Inkigayo.’ She also starred in the QTV reality show “I’m Real Kim Yoo-Lung in LA,” which was taped in Los Angeles, California in 2013. In 2008 and 2017, she appeared in the plays ‘Chorus of Angels’ and ‘The Cruicible.”White Christmas’ (2004), ‘VVIP’ (2011), ‘Going to You’ (2012), and ‘7E77 ME B43Y’ are some of her music video appearances (2015).In 2004, she walked the runway for the Charity Fashion Show for Underprivileged Children, Miss Gee Collection – Fall and Winter in 2012, and Saion De Chocolate in 2013.

Achievements & Awards

In 2008-2010, Kim Yoo-jung was named Best Young Actress at the 16th SBS Drama Awards, the 29th MBC Drama Awards, and the 24th KBS Drama Awards. She won Best Child Actress and Best Young Actress at the 4th Pierson Movie Festival and 1st K-Drama Star Awards for her work in ‘Moon Embracing the Sun.’ At the 31st MBC Drama Awards, she also won the Popularity Award for ‘Moon Embracing the Sun, May Queen.’

In 2012-2014, she won the ‘New Star Award,’ ‘Trend Choice Best Actress Award,’ and ‘Style Icon Rookie.’
At the 34th MBC Drama Awards and the 28th Korean PD Awards, she received the Top 10 Stars Award and the Inkigayo MC Award for her work in ‘Angry Mom’ and ‘Inkigayo,’ respectively.In 2016–2017, she won Best New Actress, Best Icon, Top Buzz Star: Female, Excellence Award for Mid-length Drama, and Most Popular Actress: Television for her work in “Love in the Moonlight.”

Her Personal Experiences

Due to her early celebrity status, Kim Yoo-jung has lived a very public existence. She has served as a spokesperson for several social concerns involving children’s welfare. She was named the ambassador for the 58th Memorial Day Big Tree National Love Badge, Help Africa Charity, Seoul Tourism, and the Global Hooxi Campaign as a consequence of her commitment to social causes. Her name has been linked to ‘Moonlight Dawn by Clouds’ co-star Park Bo Gum. She has not, however, entered into a committed relationship with anyone.

Estimated Net Worth

Kim Yoo Jung is an actress who is flexible, talented, and dedicated. Her estimated net worth of $6 million speaks for itself. The actress has had numerous offers for parts and brand endorsements, implying that her net worth will continue to climb over time.


She was placed 8th on Forbes Korea’s Power Celebrity list in 2017, making her the youngest person to be included in the Top 10.