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Kris Collins is a TikTok celebrity from Canada who is known for her original comedy material. She is one of the most popular TikTok stars, with over 33.9 million followers on her kallmekris account. Kris also maintains the Kallmekris YouTube channel. By the year 2021, the channel had amassed about 2 million members. She is also well-known on Instagram, where her official account, kallmekris 4, has 1.2 million followers. Jessica, her older sister, is also a TikTok star.

Ascend to Fame

Kris Collins was a hairstylist before venturing into the world of social media. During the Covid lockdown in April 2020, she joined TikTok. She primarily used social media to share comedic content and had no intention of taking it seriously. Kris detailed her unemployment throughout the quarantine in her debut video, although in a humorous tone. Nonetheless, her videos quickly drew notice, with TikTok users taking a great liking to her humorous content.

Kris Collins decided to work full-time as a content creator for TikTok as her popularity expanded. Kris made his YouTube debut in August 2020. Her YouTube channel features vlogs, hilarious sketches, and challenge videos.

Personal Experiences of Kris Collins

Kris Collins was born in Canada on July 1, 1996. Jessica, her older sister, is her only sibling. Kris hasn’t revealed much about her family, but her parents and grandparents have been featured on her Instagram page. Surprisingly, one of her most popular videos is one in which she imitates her father.

Kris Collins has always had a lighthearted side to her. Her deft sense of humour had piqued the interest of many around her. Kris spends a lot of time working on her scripts after earning a name for herself on TikTok.

Kris told Medicircle about her battle with depression and anxiety in an interview. She talked about her low points, how she struggled from depression since she was a child, and her personal vulnerabilities. She also revealed how, as a result of her excessive worry and frail mental state, she developed an eating issue.

Kris has become an outspoken advocate for mental health and depression as a result of her prior experiences. She is a strong advocate for living a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Kris Collins has a boyfriend named Aron Brown. On her Instagram account, she has various images of herself with Aron. Kevin, her pet dog, is hers.

Estimated Net Worth

The estimated Net Worth of Kris Collins is around $600K USD.