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Jersey, England
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Jersey, England

English “YouTuber” Kristen Hanby is well-known for his clever practical jokes. His vast fan following is a result of his hilariously entertaining practical jokes. Kristen uploads his parody videos to his own YouTube account and Facebook page. He performs practical jokes on his family members, who are the main subjects of his videos. His favorite “victims” are his sisters. Kristen also tricks people in public. Millions of people have watched Kristen’s videos. With more than three million Instagram followers, he has become one of the most well-known practical jokers of all time.

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Fame on Social Media

Kristen’s internet career began on “YouTube.” He started a channel named for himself, mostly for prank videos. In 2013, he uploaded his debut video. The “Step Brothers ‘boats and hoes’ REMAKE” video became viral quickly. His sudden celebrity arose from the amusement the public took in his clever practical jokes. Natalie, his older sister, appeared in the video, which was broken up into five different jokes. It proved to be a wise decision for his internet career to play five distinct pranks in one video. It kept the film from being tedious and uninteresting by adding a surprise element to the topic. The video currently has the most “views,” at over six million, on the channel. Kristen has been including his mother, grandma, and sisters, Natalie and Bryony, in his films ever since the video went viral. He occasionally pulls practical jokes on his loved ones. Sometimes he becomes the topic as well. He also engages in public pranking. Many individuals find his jokes and pranks to be inappropriate and absurd. “WHEN YOU CANT SAY NO TO A DARE!!!!” is one of Kristen’s prank videos that has amassed more than a million “views.”The craziest moments of Kristen Hanby: “FREEZE CHALLENGE!!!!!” “You’re way too clean! Challenge accepted,” said Kristen Hanby. Kristen Hanby: “Complete the challenge! Kristen Hanby, “APRIL MADNESS!!! (pranks) | Kristen Hanby, “I PUNCHED MY LITTLE SISTER PRANK!!!!!,” “SCHOOL ON A SUNDAY PRANK!!!!,” “I PUNCHED MY LITTLE SISTER PRANK!!!!!,” “SUPER FUNNY PRANK COMPILATION 2018 (TRY NOT TO LAUGH),” and “INSANE PRANK COMPILATION!!!” (Becomes irrational) Kristen Hanby There are currently around 3.51 M subscribers to the channel.

Kristen is also well-liked on “Instagram.” He now has over three million fans on the network thanks to his posts.

Individual Life of Kristen Hanby

The birthdate of Kristen is March 8, 1993. He hails from Jersey’s St. Helier. In St. Helier, Kristen worked as a full-time website developer.

His enormous popularity as a practical joker has brought him some well-known pals. He knows a lot of famous performers, like magician Julius Dein and prankster Ben Phillips.

The net worth of Kristen Hanby

The estimated net worth of Kristen Hanby is about $5 million.