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Kristin Herrera is a former actress from the United States who possesses natural acting ability. In 2005, she rose to stardom as Dana Cruz on the soap series ‘Zoey 101.’ Kristin played the lead role of Dana in the first season of this television series, which lasted 13 seasons. ‘General Hospital’ and ‘Without a Trace’ are two of her other renowned television shows. Kristin began appearing in television serials when she was 12 years old, in 2001. Elena Rodriguez made her first appearance in ‘NYPD Blue.’ She then appeared in shows including ‘7th Heaven,’ ‘The Division,’ ‘The Bernie Mac Show,’ and ‘ER.’ Her acting abilities landed her roles in the films ‘Freedom Writers’ and ‘Resurrection Mary.’ Despite her remarkable success as an actor, she left the industry in 2008 to pursue other interests.

The Career of Kristin

Kristin Herrera started her acting career at a young age. Despite the fact that she has mostly played minor roles, her representations have been convincing regardless of the amount of screen time she has had.

In 2001, she made her acting debut in the TV serial opera ‘NYPD Blue,’ where she played Elena Rodriguez. There was no turning back for her after that, as she went on to star in popular shows such as ‘7th Heaven’ (as Katie), ‘The Division’ (as Aimee Varga), ‘The Bernie and Mac Show’ (as Sophia), and ‘ER’ (as Fredrika Meehan).

Her acting career reached its pinnacle in 2005 when she starred as Dana Cruz in the television series ‘Zoey 101.’ This was a comedic drama based on the life of American adolescent Zoey Brooks and her brother Dustin Brooks while they were students at Pacific Coast Academy in Southern California.

In season one of this television soap opera, Kristin Herrera played Dana Cruz. From 2004 until 2008, she starred as Lourdes Del Torro in the television show ‘General Hospital.’

She played Rose Martinez in the 2006 film ‘Without a Trace.’ Kristin’s multi-talented abilities landed her on the big screen as well. The press and the general public praised her performance as Gloria Munez in the 2007 film ‘Freedom Writers.’

‘Resurrection Mary,’ a feature film starring her, was also released the same year. Her performance as Karen in the film earned her millions of fans worldwide.

Despite her successful career, she retired early; her last television appearance was in 2008 on the sitcom ‘General Hospital.’

Personal Experiences

Kristin Herrera was born on February 21, 1989, in Los Angeles, California. Despite her great professional career, she has managed to keep a low profile in her personal life.

Her ancestors are Mexican-American and Puerto Rican. Ryan and Justin, her older brothers, and Ashley, her younger sister, are her siblings. She confirmed her engagement on Instagram in 2016.

Estimated Net Worth

Kristin Herrera is one of the wealthiest soap opera actresses and one of the most popular. Kristin’s net worth is expected to be $21 million dollars by 2020.