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Ku Hye-sun is a well-known actress, director, singer, composer, and author from South Korea. This multi-talented performer has appeared in a number of television series and feature films. She’s also authored screenplays for two of her directing projects. The majority of Ku’s directing projects deal with delicate subjects. She’s also worked as an associate director for a number of national and international film festivals, as well as directing trailers for them. ‘Tango,’ a novel by Ku that incorporates illustrations by her, is a best seller. Several accolades and honorary titles have been bestowed upon her as a result of her considerable career in the entertainment business. Ku has made significant contributions to organizations that aid poor children and cancer patients. She is a role model for many aspiring artists.

Childhood and Adolescence

Ku Hye-sun was born on November 9, 1984, in Incheon, South Korea. Her parents have a daughter and a son. Ku acquired an interest in music during her childhood and aspired to be a vocalist. She enrolled in Sungkyunkwan University – Seoul Institute of Arts, where she created a vocal band with her classmates.

Along with singing, Ku began modeling and participated in a number of online ads. Her desire of becoming a singer took a backseat as she quickly became an internet phenomenon. She, on the other hand, could never get music out of her head.

Ku Hye-sun was dubbed ‘ulzzang,’ which translates to “good attractive,” and as a result, numerous modeling companies approached her. She began her career as a trainee with SM Entertainment and then transferred to DSP Media to join the ‘Ria’ girl group, which consisted of three members.

Ku got a deal with YG Entertainment, an event management and modeling firm, after her attempt to make her debut with the musical group failed. Ku then chose to pursue a career as an actress, and her film career took off.

Career of Ku Hye-sun

Ku made a commercial for Sambo computers before making her KBS horror series ‘Anagram’ debut. She began her acting career with a few tiny roles in one-act plays. Her performance in the MBC sitcom ‘Nonstop 5’ garnered her attention, and the 2006 television drama ‘Pure in Heart’ brought her the much-deserved acclaim.

Meanwhile, Ku’s ambition of becoming a singer came true with her debut single for the series ‘Nonstop 5’, ‘Happy Birthday to You.’ She began singing some of the songs for the tele-dramas in which she appeared. Ku’s debut album, ‘Breath,’ was published three years later in 2009.

Ku’s flexibility was seen in her critically acclaimed portrayal in the historical drama ‘The King and I.’ She went on to appear in the martial arts drama ‘Strongest Chil Woo’ after that. Ku took a sabbatical from acting and returned two years later with the MBC channel’s documentary “Heo Nanseolheon.” She also served as the drama’s producer and narrator.

Ku made his directorial debut with the short film ‘The Madonna,’ which premiered at the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival in 2009. Ku directed her first feature picture, ‘Magic,’ the following year. Ku Hye-sun Films, Ku’s production company, was founded two years later, and ‘The Peach Tree’ was the company’s debut feature. She also wrote the theme song for it and later published a book adaptation of it. Ku has been an ambassador for a variety of businesses and activities in addition to her acting and directing skills.

Ku’s debut illustrated novel, ‘Tango,’ was a hit when it was released in 2009. She also arranged an art exhibition that year, with several of her paintings on display, including some from her novel. The start of 2015 was not kind to her, as her performance in the Korean Broadcasting System’s vampire drama ‘Blood’ was panned by critics. Ku had to depart MBC’s weekend drama ‘You’re Too Much’ later in the year owing to health issues.

Nonstop 5 — In 2000, Ku made her acting debut in this sitcom. The drama was a success and was renewed for a fifth season, but Ku’s performance was overlooked by critics and other directors. Drama City – This weekly KBS series is a compilation of short stories that first aired in 2004. ‘Anagram’ and ‘Everybody Cha ChaCha’ were two of Ku’s tales. In 2005, the latter was broadcast.

Pure in Heart — Also known as ‘Hearts of Nineteen’ and ‘Pure 19’, this drama catapulted Ku to fame on television. She portrayed Yang Guk-hwa, a valiant hidden lover. The drama, which aired on KBS1 from 2006 to early 2007, was a huge hit, with the best ratings of the year.

Ku portrayed Yoon So-hwa, a gorgeous concubine who is also the male lead’s love interest in The King and I. She goes on to become the kingdom’s queen. From August 27, 2007 to April 1, 2008, this historical drama series aired on SBS and earned average ratings.

Boys Over Flowers – This KBS2 series, based on a Japanese novel, ran from January 5 to March 31, 2009. Ku portrayed Geum Jan-di, an industrious, clever, but underprivileged young lady. From September 2 to December 23, 2011, The Musical aired on SBS and eloquently represented the life of theatrical performers. Ku portrayed Go Eun-bi, an aspiring theater performer.

Angel Eyes — After a two-year hiatus from acting, Ku returned with this television series. She portrayed Yoon Soo-wan, a blind girl who falls in love with a male from a different society. After regaining her vision, the heroine decides to serve as a rescuer. Blood – From February 16 to April 21, 2015, KBS2 broadcasted this serial. Ku played a snobbish physician and received a lot of flak for her bad acting.

August Rush — This is Ku’s debut overseas film, and she plays a supporting part. In this film, Ku’s daughter portrayed a role named San. Because to her harsh and cruel mother, her character had a difficult upbringing. Her performance was praised by critics, and the film became a career highlight for her.

As a performer

Ku’s debut song, Happy Birthday to You, was released in 2005 as part of the ‘Nonstop 5’ series. Sarang Ga (Love Story) – She debuted this song in 2006, and it became the theme song for her show “Pure in Heart.” Fly Again – Ku wrote this song, which was subsequently included in the television series ‘Take Care of Us, Captain,’ in which she starred.

Breath& Breath 2 – Ku’s first album, ‘Breath,’ was published in 2009. Some of her self-written songs were featured on the album, which were warmly accepted by music fans, particularly teenagers. The second volume, named ‘Breath 2,’ was released in 2015.

Happy is Ku’s fifth digital single and a cover of Seo In-song guk’s “Were We Happy.” In the same year, she released another self-composed single, ‘Must,’ which was used as the music for her film ‘Daughter.’ And Spring — This is her debut full-length album, which includes the hits ‘Stupid,’ ‘Brown Hair,’ and ‘It’s You.’ On April 28, 2016, it was released.

As Director of The Madonna, Ku dabbled with film direction, story writing, and editing with this short film. The film deals with delicate topics such as assisted suicide. The short aired at numerous national and international film festivals after its premiere at the 2009 Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival, including the Asiana International Short Film Festival and the Pusan Asian Short Film Festival.

Ku’s debut feature picture, Magic, was released in 2010. At the 6th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival, the film was shown (JIMFF). ‘Fragments of Sweet Memories,’ Ku’s debut 3D film, was shown at the Busan Cinema Center at the International 3D Festival (I3DF).

The Peach Tree — This is her production company’s debut film. She also created the film’s theme song and later published the book adaptation. Ku directed and published this short film, Samsung Galaxy S4, in 2013. The film was made as part of the ‘Story of Me and S4’ initiative. Daughter was her fifth feature film as a filmmaker. The film, which was released on November 6, 2014, was about child abuse.

Trailers are short films that are used to promote other films. Ku has directed trailers for a number of national and international film festivals, including the 7th Asiana International Short Film Festival (2009), the 13th International Women’s Film Festival in Seoul (2011), and the 10th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival (2014).

Tango as a Writer – This is her debut novel, and it contains 40 drawings by her. On April 1, 2009, the novel was published. The Making of “Magic” — As the title implies, the book tells the tale of what happened behind the scenes during the production of “Magic.” The Peach Tree — In 2012, Ku published a book adaptation of the film of the same name.

Achievements & Awards

Ku won the KBS Drama Award for ‘Pure in Heart’ in the category of Best New Actress in 2006. Ku got the Best New Star Award for ‘The King & I’ at the SBS Drama Award in 2007. Ku’s short ‘The Madonna’ earned the Audience Award at the 26th Busan Asian Short Film Festival (2009).

Ku earned the Best Female Star Award for ‘Boys Over Flowers’ at the 4th Andre Kim Best Star Award (2009).
KBS Drama Award (2009) — For ‘Boys Over Flowers,’ Ku garnered prizes in three categories: Excellence Award, Best Actress in Mid-Length Drama, and Netizen Award.

Ku earned the Spotlight Award for ‘The Madonna’ at the 12th ShortShorts Film Festival & Asia (2010). Minister of Knowledge Economy’s 14th Annual Republic of Korea Design Award (2012) – Ku received the Design Merits Division-Minister Commendation Award for her work in the entertainment business.

Ku earned the 2nd Happiness Sharing Talent Award from the Ministry of Health and Welfare in 2013 for her philanthropic activity. Ku was awarded the Grand Prize by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family in 2014 for her efforts to promote gender equality.

Ku earned the Best Young Director Award at the 6th Seoul Senior Film Festival (2014). Ku was also named Goodwill Ambassador for the International 3D Festival, Promotional Ambassador for the Cheongju International Craft Biennale and Artistree, Honorary Ambassador by the Persons with Disabilities Film Festival, Korean Leukemia Association, and Social Contribution Donation Bank from 2012 to 2016.

Personal Experiences of Ku Hye-sun

Since April 2015, Ku has been dating her ‘Blood’ co-star Ahn Jae-hyun. On March 11, 2016, she made the formal announcement. On May 20, 2016, the pair registered their marriage at the Gangnam district office. Rather than throwing an extravagant wedding, the couple chose to donate to Severance Hospital. The couple starred in the reality show ‘Newlyweds Diary,’ which followed them following their wedding. Ku Hye-sun has never been romantically related to anyone.

Estimated Net Worth

Ku Hye-sun has a net worth of $12 million and is a South Korean actor, singer, composer, director, and artist. Ku Hye-sun was born in November 1984 in Incheon, South Korea. Pure in Heart (2006), The King and I (2007), Boys Over Flowers (2009), Take Care of Us, Captain (2012), Angel Eyes (2014), and Blood (2015) are among her many television dramas in which she has appeared.