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Reseda, Los Angeles

Kyle Harvey is an American rapper and singer-songwriter. He is better known by his stage name and first name, Kyle. (stylized as KYLE). He has also used the stage identities K.i.D, SuperDuperKyle, King Wavy, and Kidd Kash over the years. Kyle, a native of California, began singing at the age of six, and by the time he was in elementary school, he was writing lyrics and composing music for them. Inspired by Kid Cudi’s “Man on the Moon,” he began rapping at age 13. Kyle released his first mixtape, titled Senior Year, in 2010, and has since released two more. His debut album, FxL, was published in 2011. Subsequently, the albums ‘K.i.D.’ (2012), ‘Beautiful Loser’ (2013), and ‘Smyle’ (2015) were released. Kyle released his debut studio album, “Light of Mine,” in May 2018. In recent years, Kyle has emerged as one of the most promising talents in the music industry, aspiring to be “the John Lennon of rap.” He has a substantial number of adherents across multiple social media platforms. On Instagram, he has more than 864 thousand followers, on Twitter, he has more than 314 thousand followers, and on Facebook, he has approximately 100,000 followers. Additionally, he has 1.2 million YouTube subscribers.

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Kyle Harvey’s Career

Early in his career, Kyle Harvey performed under the stage moniker K.i.D. K.i.D published his debut mixtape, Senior Year, in 2010. In 2011, he released the album ‘FxL’ (on which he collaborated with Mr. Man) along with the mixtapes ‘Second Semester’ and ‘Super Duper’. In 2012, he released his second self-titled album.

He covered “UnReahersed” in 2011. In 2013, under his new stage name (Kyle), he released his debut single, ‘Keep It Real.’ In the same year, he also released the singles ‘Fruit Snacks,’ ‘Bang,’ and ‘Raining Love,’ as well as the album ‘Beautiful Loser.’ Kyle spent the subsequent year in relative leisure and returned with a flourish in 2015. He released two singles, ‘Just a Picture’ and ‘King Wavy,’ as well as an album, ‘Smyle,’ to favorable reviews from critics and admirers.

In 2016, he released ‘iSpy’ featuring Lil Yachty, his most successful song to date. The song topped the Billboard Rhythmic chart in the United States and was certified four times platinum by the RIAA. It was subsequently published as the lead single from his debut album titled “Light of Mine.”

On May 18, 2018, after signing a record contract with Atlantic Records, Kyle released his debut studio album ‘Light of Mine’ It features Kehlani, 2 Chainz, Sophia Black, Khalid, Take 6, Avery Wilson, Lil Yachty, and Alessia Cara, among other renowned artists.

The album has received positive reviews, with Austin Sexton, Axl Folie, Beni Haze, Lege Kale, M-Phazes, Monte Booker, Nas, Ricci Riera, and 10A serving as its producers. According to Briana Younger of Pitchfork, the debut album of the carefree California rapper is an incredibly joyful and self-aware slice of musical rap.

Kyle’s Personal Life

Kyle Harvey was born in the Reseda neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, on May 18, 1993. Harvey and his two siblings were reared by their mother because their father was absent. He was tormented as a child because of a speech impediment he still has from his childhood.

He attended Ventura High School and participated in drama courses there. They were instrumental in boosting his confidence. He has always been engaged in music. He began singing when he was six years old, and by the time he entered elementary school, he was penning and composing songs and performing them. As he approached adolescence, he developed an interest in rhyming.

The first time he heard “Man on the Moon” by Kid Cudi, his interest increased. At age 13, he began rhyming himself. His earliest recordings were recorded on his aunt’s computer using Studio One recording software by PreSonus. Harvey was still in secondary school at the time. In June of 2017, Kyle was selected as one of the ten XXL freshmen.

Estimated Net Worth

Kyle is one of the wealthiest and most well-known rappers. Kyle Harvey has a net worth of $5 million, according to our analysis of Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.