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American YouTuber Laci Green mostly discusses sex education, feminism, gender identity, and sexual orientation in her videos. She goes under the alias GoGreen18 online. Green, who celebrated her tenth anniversary on YouTube in 2017, has 143 million views and 1.5 million subscribers. She had started making movies as a hobby a number of years earlier, and initially, they had been about theology and religion. That changed when she started teaching sex, and her channel started to become more well-known. Since then, she has received numerous honors, including Webby and Steamy awards. She has worked with “Planned Parenthood” and “Discovery News,” and she hosted the first MTV YouTube channel, “Braless.” She was listed by ‘Time’ magazine as one of the 30 most influential persons online in 2016. Green’s biweekly show “Sex Plus” has been a popular source of knowledge for the young adults of the digital age because of how controversial and direct she is while tackling important topics while using humor and her inherent attractiveness. She has a global readership of 5 million people in 196 nations.

Career of Laci Green

Growing up, Laci Green identified as a “nerd”. She adored libraries and thought of them as enchanted fortresses that provided her with cozy refuge from the persistent rain in Portland, where she was raised. She learned about the sex aisle at age ten. She became more curious and looked into it further. She began taking part in numerous social movements in college during her adolescence. She earned certification as a counselor for dating and rape violence. She then started regularly posting for “Sex Plus” on YouTube in order to engage with young adults and provide them with scientific information regarding sex, teen pregnancy, and gender identity.

She collaborated with Planned Parenthood of Northern New England on the “honest, open talk about sexuality” project known as “A Naked Notion.” She was selected as one of the three presenters for the DNews science vlog on Discovery Networks. She worked with MTV to create “Braless” in 2014, which offered a distinctive perspective on politics, history, and popular culture “through the lens of gender, equality, and a little thing called feminism.” Both as a sex educator and a representative of Planned Parenthood, she has lectured at numerous campuses.

Activism of Laci Green

Her understanding of feminism, which is an outgrowth of her secularist, humanist attitude, forms the philosophical foundation of her body of work. In all of her writing, she is a fervent advocate for the sex-positive cause. She explained the distinction between the two to, saying, “When it comes to being a sexual subject versus a sexual object, we’re really talking about who you’re being sexual for. A sexual object is performed purely for other people. However, despite the fact that their videos were extremely sexually explicit, I contend that Beyonc√© and Nicki Minaj are the sexual topics since they are the ones making the decisions about how they want to be portrayed. Sam Pepper, a fellow YouTuber, posted a video in 2014 in which he grabbed women’s bottoms as a joke. In an open letter, Green begged Pepper to “stop abusing women.” Several more well-known YouTubers also co-signed the document.

Disputes and scandals

Laci Green has endured unrelenting criticism and threats from extremist organizations on all sides since her early days on YouTube. For her vocal opinions on how limited rights are given to women in either faith, she was labeled anti-Mormon and anti-Islam. Her life has been threatened by both far-right and far-left organizations. She received criticism from the former for her unwavering stance on abortion rights and from the latter for occasionally using terminology incorrectly.

For putting Green’s image on a thumbnail for her video, “Roaming Millennial” was sued by Green for violating her copyright in late October 2016. Green was widely criticized for violating copyright rules, even if “Roaming Millennial” had not broken any laws in doing so, and this criticism was practically universal. Even Laci Green’s romantic history is not without controversy!

In April 2017, she started dating political satirist and YouTuber Chris Ray Gun. Given that Gun is, at best, an anti-feminist, it created quite a commotion. Green said in a video titled “Taking the Red Pill” (a reference to the film “Matrix”) that was posted on May 11 that while she still supports feminism, she is open to discussion with those who hold opposing views.

Individual Life of Laci Green

Laci Green, who was born on October 18, 1989, comes from a multicultural family. Her mother belongs to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but her father is an Iranian Muslim. Her sister’s number two. She was raised as a Mormon, moving with her family first to Portland, Oregon when she was two years old, then to California when she was twelve. As she entered her teenage years, she started to have doubts about her church due to its stance on rigid gender roles and homosexuality, eventually deciding to leave it. It caused a serious depressive episode and suicidal thoughts. Her worried parents brought her to a therapist, who assisted her in resolving her problems. She now accepts that she is an atheist and has a pansexual sexual orientation. She enrolled at the University of California, Berkeley, after graduating high school. She earned a bachelor’s degree in legal studies and education in 2011 and graduated. She is presently a Los Angeles resident.

Estimated Net Worth

As of 2022, Laci Green’s projected net worth is $4 million. She reportedly makes more than $450,000 annually. She owns a huge mansion in Los Angeles. Her primary sources of income are YouTube brand advertising and endorsement partnerships.