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Kingshurst, Solihull
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Kingshurst, Solihull

Melesha O’Garro, better known by her stage name Lady Leshurr, is a unique English rapper, singer, and producer. After the release of her “Queen’s Speech” series of freestyles, she gained notoriety. Her fourth freestyle from the series went viral in 2016, turning her become a well-known hip-hop performer and rapper. Critical acclaim was also given to her earlier mixtapes. In 2009, she issued her debut mixtape, named “Unleshuur.” Since then, she has released a number of mixtapes, including ‘The Last Second’ (2009), ‘1:21 AM’ (2010), ‘Friggin’ L’ (2011), ‘L Yeah’ (2013), and ‘Lil Bit of Lesh’ (2014). She has been in a number of songs as a featured artist, including “Move” by “Fire Camp” (2011), “Run Your Mouth” by “Noisses” (2012), “Blazin” by “Torqux” (2013), “I Ain’t Rich Yet” by “J. Appiah” (2013), and “Run” by “Tigs Da Author” (2016). She debuted as a lead singer in 2011 with the song “Friggin.” Queen Speech 3, Queen Speech 4, Queen Speech 5, Where Are You Now, Queen Speech 6, Queen Speech 7, and “R.I.P.” are some of the other songs she has written. ‘OMW,’ her most recent song, was released in 2018.

Early Childhood & Life

Melesha was born in Kingshurst, Solihull, England, on December 15, 1989. The Caribbean island of St. Kitts was where her parents were from.

Melesha was raised in a musical and rapping family. She claimed in 2011 that her mother used to listen to a lot of reggae, including Sister Nancy and Bob Marley.
O’Garro started writing and rapping at a very young age as a result of the musical atmosphere in her home. At age six, she began creating rap songs and poetry.

When the UK Garage Scene era of mcs inspired her, she was hardly 11 years old. She began writing her own lyrics by the age of fourteen, and she even put out a mixtape called “Needle in a Haystack.”
She paid for the mixtape out of her own pocket. She eventually chose the stage name “Lady Leshurr” and began competing in rap fights all over the UK.

Career of Lady Leshurr

She attracted a lot of attention with her distinctive and colorful performances, and soon the UK label “Colourful State” signed her. During the promotional tour for his debut album, “Unsung,” Grime legend “Low Deep” was supported by Leshurr, who began to gain more attention.

Additionally, she began appearing on “BBC,” “1xtra,” “Kiss FM,” and “BBC Asia.” As a result of her distinctive grime and hip-hop sound, she attracted a lot of attention.
‘Unleshurr’ mixtape and ‘The Last Second’ were released in 2009, marking her official debut. The song “Slow Flow” was played during “The Last Second.”

She released her debut EP in 2010 under the name “Every Little Counts,” which featured songs like “What Did They Say,” “Female Fire,” and “Red Devil.” She released a second mixtape that year with the working title “1:21 AM.”
In 2011, she released her next EP, “Off the Lesh,” and two additional mixtapes, “L Day” and “Friggin L.” She released the album “2000 and L” in 2012, which featured songs like “Good God,” “Bun Up,” and “How We Roll.”
He released two mixtapes in 2013 called “L Yeah” and “Mona Leshurr.” ‘Lil Bit of Lesh’, another mixtape by her, was published in 2014.

She published a collection of freestyles in 2015 under the working title “Queen’s Speech,” which went viral and brought her much-deserved attention. In February 2015, she posted the first episode of the series on YouTube under the title “Lady Leshurr – Queen’s Speech Ep.1.”

On “YouTube,” the upload earned more than 7 million views. Around 7 million people watched the second and third parts of the series as well, but the fourth installment attracted more than 50 million views.
The series’ sixth installment, which was published in 2016, received more than 6 million views. She also issued an additional EP that year, titled “Queen’s Speech.”

She released her subsequent EP, named “Mode,” in 2017. Additionally, she has posted a number of songs on her YouTube page, including “On the Road,” “R.I.P,” and “OMW.”
Since 2011, she has also been in a number of songs. She worked with “Fire Camp” on the song “Move” in 2011, and then she made another appearance in Lea-Anna’s “Murder.”

She appeared in the songs “Finally” by Leon & Harvey and “Wonky” by Orbital in the same year. She debuted in 2012 with a feature in “Boring Bitches,” a film starring Elta Bond and Raf Riley.
Additionally, she worked with ‘Noisses’ on ‘Run Your Mouth,’ ‘Step in the Dance,’ and ‘Sick Love,’ as well as Mike Delinquet Project and Vince Kid. She worked with “Torqux” on “Blazin,” “Young O” on “Bet On It,” and “J. Appiah” on “I Ain’t Rich Yet” in 2013.

She will be in the upcoming song “Run” by Tiggs Da Author.

Major Other Works

Actress Lady Leshurr is another. She starred in the 2009 British drama film “1 Day” as one of the female leads.

Recognition & Achievements

In the Best Female category of the 2011 Official Mixtape Awards, Leshurr came in second. In addition, she has a clothing line she calls “Friggin L,” which she named after her mixtape of the same name from 2011.

Individual Life of Lady Leshurr

In 2018, Leshurr came out as pansexual. She is a private person, therefore little is known about her private affairs.
She is assumed to be unmarried. Ashley Walters, Lisa Maffia, Missy Elliott, and Lil Wayne are some of her top musical influences, according to her.

Net worth of Lady Leshurr

The estimated net worth of Lady Leshurr is about $1 million.