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A social media star from Dubai is named Lana Rose. She has become one of the most coveted social media personalities due to the extravagant lifestyle she displays in her vlogs. She is also known as the elder sibling of Mo Vlogs, the proprietor of the well-liked “YouTube” channel. Lana enjoys both fashion and beauty, and she frequently uploads videos about these topics to her “YouTube” account. She is also a talented oil painter, and she has frequently shown off her ability in her vlogs. Her extravagant lifestyle has not only made her famous, but it has also frequently been the target of critique. Despite being a well-known personality, Lana has largely kept her real identity a secret.

Reputation on social media

Lana started working in social media in 2013. She started with “Instagram” and shortly after that, she started a “YouTube” account. The channel is mainly a vlogging platform where Lana documents her daily activities and way of life. She also publishes cosmetics guides. She now receives funding from several upscale cosmetics companies. Huda Kattan, the founder of the well-known cosmetics company “Huda Beauty,” is just one of the notable individuals with whom she has collaborated. Her vlogs primarily highlight her stylish sense and opulent lifestyle, which includes her collection of vehicles. More than 990k people have now subscribed to the program.

Two “Instagram” profiles are owned by Lana. One of these is devoted solely to fashion and cosmetics. One of the accounts has more than one million subscribers.

Controversies of Lana Rose

Lana has received both positive and negative feedback. When her brother gave her a sparkling white Lamborghini Huracán as a birthday present, she found herself at the heart of the controversy. Lana created a different movie to display the incredibly expensive gift. Later, Lana had the vehicle painted a striking shade of purple and displayed it on her vlogs. Her detractors accused her of flaunting herself on social media. She received a lot of criticism for her decision to buy the vehicle as well. In fact, Lana’s ex-fiance bought the car, according to a post by her sibling. Lana’s relationship situation was also made known in this message. Mohamed Beiraghdary, Lana’s sibling, is very well-liked on social media. Many of his supporters claim that Lana just takes advantage of her brother’s success. They contend that Lana hasn’t worked hard to become so well-known and that her success stems from “Mo Vlogs” rather than from her own skills.

Individual Existence of Lana Rose

The UAE’s Dubai is where Lana Rose was born on September 21, 1989. She is “Mo Vlogs'” older sibling. According to some accounts, Lana’s real name is Parisa. Also, there is some misunderstanding regarding her birthdate. She allegedly was born in the month of October. Lana is of Persian ancestry.

From her vlogs, Lana’s passion for oil painting is fairly clear. She has a particular area in her home that is solely devoted to her hobby. In this room, she produces all of her works. She once created an oil picture that was a favorite of her grandmother’s. She succeeded in producing a work that was similar to the original artwork.

Most frequently seen in Lana’s videos are her mother, sibling, and best friend. Her father is a man not widely known.

Estimated net worth

The estimated net worth of Lana Rose is about $1 million.