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Updated On May 5, 2023
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Successful American Viner and Vlogger Lance Stewart was nominated for a Shorty Award in the category of Best Videographer and Comedian. He is one of the most popular YouTube and Vine stars in the world. Since the young man’s sister introduced him to Vine, the young video star has never looked back. He now has an estimated net worth of $2 million thanks to the success of his brief videos on social media. Lance’s wealth hasn’t stopped him from giving back to society, though, as evidenced by his charity deeds, which demonstrate his sympathy for the less fortunate. Lance is an avid traveler who has been to many exciting locations. The comic enjoys watching movies, swimming, and listening to music in addition to filming films. Along with other well-known Viners including Brandon Bowen, Marcus Johns, Amanda Cerny, and others, he invented the Vine.

The Epic Ascent to Stardom

When Lance started making short videos for himself as a hobby, he became interested in them. On February 6, 2014, he started his own YouTube channel, which attracted 30K subscribers in just four months. The video titled “It’s My Money and I Need It Now” garnered over 900K likes and 800K revines on Vine, making it one of the vlogger’s most popular posts. The “I’m a Wizard” video was created by Lance and Marcus Johns, a popular Viner. Lance makes the majority of his money from sponsorships and adverts on his YouTube videos. The Viner has 6 million Vine followers, over 1.7 million YouTube subscribers, 700K subscribers on the secondary YouTube channel Lance 210, and 3 million Instagram followers.

Why Lance Stewart Is So Unique?

The fact that Lance enjoys having a good time is evident in his work. Friends of Lance say that he is friendly and helpful to everyone. The comedian has a deep affection for his parents, who despite their financial constraints granted all of his wishes. In addition to receiving accolades for his career, Lance has also received praise for his altruistic deeds. He once placed an order with McDonald’s for 100 takeout burgers to be given to homeless persons living on the streets of California. The social media sensation went on to purchase additional hamburgers for others who had been left out while also leaving food for those who were sleeping on the streets. With this deed of charity, Lance becomes a true Good Samaritan and rises above the rest.

Past Fame of Lance Stewart

Despite having nothing offensive in it, Lance’s video titled “My Girlfriend Shows Her Nipples on Camera” amassed more than 5 million views and became his most popular video on his channel. Another video in which Lance gives his father a Corvette Z06 was well appreciated by the public and gained more than 80K likes in addition to 3.4 million views. Few people are aware that YouTubers also generate money by selling T-shirts. In an attempt to perform a “fruit ninja” sword stunt, the vlogger injured his little finger during one of his comedic skits. He can be seen in the video attempting to slice some fruit with swords in both hands before falling to the ground after losing his balance and cutting his finger.

Behind The Scenes

Lance was born in Pennsylvania, but he was reared in Franklinville, New Jersey. He resides in America with his family and is of Italian and Irish origin. Like many other vloggers, Lance frequently includes his grandma and parents in his films. On his birthday, the vine star gave his father a brand-new Corvette Z06, and the video was widely circulated. There are reports that Lance secured a sponsor for the vehicle. In February 2016, the 20-year-old came clean about dating Lizzy for the previous three years.

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In the virtual world, Lance is more commonly referred to as Lance 210.