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Updated On January 23, 2022
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Dave Moss, better known online as Lasercorn, is an up-and-coming YouTuber who has already built a reputation for himself in the gaming and hosting worlds! For those who are already die-hard Lasercorn fans, Dave’s flawless gaming sessions are just one of the many reasons to binge. His sardonic humor, which fills the room every time he appears on TV, has aided in his climb to popularity. And, of course, we must not overlook his abilities as a host! Fans swear by ‘YouTube’ channels like Smosh only to witness this young kid take game hosting to a whole new level that will have you in splits in no time. And for those who haven’t had the pleasure of admiring the orange-haired YouTuber, now is the time to do so! May his awesomeness as an internet celebrity astound you!

The Ascension To Stardom

Dave Moss began his gaming career alongside his friends Sohinki and Jovenshire on the ‘YouTube’ channel ‘ClevverGames.’ Despite the fact that the channel was well-known for its daily game shows, it grabbed the interest of ‘Smosh,’ a relatively new gaming channel, which was shortly in talks to buy ‘ClevverGames.’

Smosh eventually bought the channel, and Dave, a.k.a. Lasercorn, discovered his perfect gateway to better gaming concepts, earning him his ticket to stardom as well. Lasercorn’s popularity has increased by leaps and bounds, now hosting multiple segments on the main ‘Smosh’ channel as well as its other channels like ‘Smosh Games’ and ‘Smosh 2nd Channel.’

Apart from being a host on one of ‘YouTube’s’ most popular channels, Lasercorn’s unique gaming methods and unashamed sense of humor take the cake. Dave’s original plan was to conquer the online realm as a gamer, but his detour to Smosh opened up a world of new opportunities for him.

Dave’s range of talents has earned him renown and has this generation bowled over his multi-faceted internet personality. He is now viewed as an actor and host in addition to being a gamer. Dave is not just a brilliant flame on Smosh and its supplementary channels, but he also has his own ‘YouTube’ channel named ‘Lasercorn.’

Dave has gone above and beyond to establish that his unrivaled gaming skills are here to stay, with a channel brimming with the goodness of his gaming videos including other prominent gamers. Lasercorn has over 728,000 subscribers and 54 million views, and the fans are enthralled by its outrageous gaming sessions and over-the-top humorous remarks!

What Makes Lasercorn a One-of-a-Kind Product?

Dave and his shows are more than simply fascinating to watch because of his famous orange hair colour and signature ‘Laser-stare’ attitude! Not to mention his one-liners and comebacks, which had the personnel behind the camera in splits! What makes him genuinely exceptional is to see him in his natural state, unrepentant about his unconventional brand of humor, which has earned him praise from his admirers as one of the best YouTubers.

Another reason for Lasercorn’s success is his sheer brilliance and desire to put himself out there, even taking on different projects no matter how absurd they may be.

The Beyond Notoriety

Though Lasercorn keeps his personal life private, he used the internet to announce that he and his longterm fiancée, Sabrina Moss, a fitness trainer, had married. Tyler, the couple’s first child, was born in the spring of 2015.

Behind the Scenes

David Moss was born on April 24, 1984, in Ohio, United States; nothing is known about his upbringing or personal life, other that his father’s name is Jeff, who appeared on his channel once. Before starting his ‘YouTube’ career, Dave worked as a lifeguard, and he even discloses some of the facts in one of his personal channel videos.

Estimated Net Worth

Lasercorn is one of the wealthiest YouTube stars and one of the most popular. Lasercorn’s net worth is estimated to be at $1.5 million.