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Perth, Australia

Western Australian beauty and fashion expert Lauren Curtis is well known for her YouTube channel laurenbeautyy. She is one of Australia’s most successful YouTubers, with over 3.6 million subscribers to her channel, where she frequently provides makeup and beauty tips, tutorials, reviews of popular products, shopping hauls, and much more. She had a vlogging channel called laurenbeautyyVLOGS, which she eventually abandoned. She also abandoned her ‘laurenbeautyy’ blog in 2013 and relaunched her ‘Love, Loz’ website in 2016, where she offers lifestyle-related articles such as fashion and travel. According to her, YouTube is an excellent platform for reaching a large audience with beauty and makeup-related content, but written content is superior for travel-related issues. She also considers herself a control freak who is always concerned about the future, and she has a massive secret project that she has been working on for several years and plans to unveil shortly.

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Lauren’s Achieve Stardom

As a child, Lauren Curtis was not particularly fond of using makeup, despite what others may believe. In reality, unlike the majority of her peers, she was not interested in cosmetics until she was 11 years old.

After she began going out with her friends more frequently, she became familiar with their daily routine of applying makeup and began experimenting with different appearances. As soon as she noticed how much cosmetics altered her appearance and how it boosted her confidence, she became obsessed with it and began experimenting more.

In her early days, she honed her abilities by watching YouTube videos by notable beauty vloggers, from whom she learned a great lot about how to apply makeup and what products to use. During this period, she was pursuing a degree in photography, which had previously piqued her interest in film and cameras.

As the next logical step, she decided to combine her two newfound passions and began filming herself doing cosmetics on her iPhone 4. On August 31, 2011, she started her YouTube account, Lauren beauty. It only took her a few months to get 1,000 subscribers, and she currently has over 3.6 million after six years.

What Makes Lauren Extraordinary

According to Lauren Curtis, she is entirely self-taught despite the fact that her tips and tutorials demonstrating her perfect application skills have earned a large number of followers. She was able to land work at Benefit Cosmetics, her first makeup job, and Bobbi Brown, where she learned a great deal about how to apply makeup on different skin types and skin tones, which is typically learned in makeup courses, despite without professional certification.

She is now immediately recognized by her fans wherever she goes, but as a highly private individual, she does not love the attention she receives. In addition to her sensitivity, kindness, and intelligence, she provides measured responses.

However, as an internet celebrity, she has been exposed to a great deal of hate. On account of her appearance, she has been labeled as phony. In addition, her video tutorials and social media updates are studied closely by her devoted fan following. She has now developed a thicker skin and, with the help of her loved ones, is able to overcome all of the negative.

Her Personal Life

Lauren Elizabeth Curtis was born in Perth, Australia, on January 7, 1993. She has a brother and a sister who are older than her. When her parents divorced when she was five, her siblings moved in with her father while she remained with her mother.

Even though she was not a popular student at AKA Middle School, she was pleased with herself. Throughout high school, she was uncertain regarding her future employment options. She was interested in photography, but as a shy and introverted person, she felt awkward photographing people.

Consequently, she considered landscape photography for some time. In college, she gained confidence and independence, which made her life easier. Once her YouTube channel gained traction, she never looked back.

She is in a relationship with Reece, a man she met in 2014. They met on Facebook, and he was oblivious of her YouTube star status. They had arranged to meet at a restaurant, and after she accepted his proposal, they began dating.

She disclosed her relationship status in a video titled ‘The Boyfriend Tag!’ posted to her YouTube page on April 21, 2015. He has made many appearances on her YouTube channel and is frequently depicted in images from their vacations. She has a dog named Mia as a pet.

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