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Lauren Parsekian is a social worker and director from the United States who is best known for co-founding the renowned charity “Kind Campaign.” The group tries to raise awareness of bullying and harassment of girls by girls in educational institutions. During her time in middle school, Parsekian experienced a lot of emotional abuse and harassment from her classmates, who were primarily female. Her health suffered as a result, and she came dangerously close to committing suicide. Following her recovery from the negative effects of these harassments, Parsekian came to the conclusion that she needed to take action to raise awareness of this important problem, particularly among younger students. She created a video based on feedback from 100 various female students at different schools about bullying they had experienced and how they handled it. She used these videos to create the documentary “Finding Kind,” which aims to inspire students to speak up against bullying and support those who are unable to do so. Students who seek assistance from her group to stop bullying can also get it online.

Bullying Instances of Lauren Parsekian

Lauren Parsekian’s own battles with bullies in middle school led her to become a crusader. She belonged to a group of female friends in her secondary school. When a popular guy started showing interest in her, the group abruptly turned against her. The rivalry between the two girls developed as a result of another lady in her group having feelings for the same boy. The other girl in the group turned the other girls against Lauren, who was then the target of constant bullying and harassment. They hit her, threw objects at her, and viciously abused her. Even her personal belongings from her locker were stolen and ruined by the bullies.

In order to humiliate her even more, the girls persuaded a few schoolboys to go on dates with her and then split up in front of everyone. All of these events had a significant psychic impact on her. She acquired an eating disorder because she was too terrified to go to school and interact with others. Both her health and her scores declined. She even attempted to commit suicide because things got so bad.

Recuperation of Lauren Parsekian

Lauren Parsekian struggled for a long time before gradually overcoming her problems and enrolling at Pepperdine University to study cinema. Together with her longtime friend Molly Thompson, she spoke with 100 kids about their experiences dealing with bullies at their schools. Parsekian found it difficult to manage the reactions because they made her nostalgic for her own school days. Based on those conversations, she produced the documentary “Finding Kind,” which depicts the struggles many students experience because of bullying by their fellow students. She spoke out on their behalf and solicited support from other students, instructors, and parents. She urged them to be more considerate of one another, put an end to abuse, and defend those who are unable to defend themselves.

A well-known nonprofit organization called “Kind Campaign,” established by Parsekian and Thompson, was created to protect girls from being bullied by other girls in schools. She has participated in a number of initiatives to collect money to aid and offer professional support to the victims of bullying, often alongside her husband, the actor Aaron Paul. Several girls who contact her organization in this respect receive online counseling and assistance from her organization as well.

Individual Life of Lauren Parsekian

Lauren Parsekian was born on December 8, 1986, in Orange County, California, to Thomas Parsekian and actor Debra Kelly. She was raised alongside her brothers Brooke and Liam Parsekian. After finishing high school in Laguna Niguel, she transferred to Pepperdine University to pursue a degree in filmmaking. After nearly sixteen months of dating, she wed thespian Aaron Paul in May 2013. The daughter of the pair is called Story Annabelle.

Lauren Paul’s Net Worth

One of the wealthiest and most well-liked directors is Lauren. Lauren Paul’s net worth is $5 Million based on our study of data from sources like Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.