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American financial advisor Lauren Schermerhorn is most recognized for being the sister of producer and actress Alison Brie Schermerhorn. Alison Brie gained notoriety for her roles in the comic TV shows Community and Alison has discussed her sister a lot in her speeches. Even though Lauren Schermerhorn works as a financial advisor, she used to be interested in acting. Lauren detests taking all the attention, unlike her sister. She rarely goes to public events and makes every effort to avoid being photographed by the media.

Early Life & Childhood

California is where Lauren Schermerhorn was born in the United States. Charles Schermerhorn, her father, is an accomplished musician who adores playing the guitar. In addition, he writes his songs and covers entertainment for a living. In addition, he plays in a band called “The Terry Charles Band.” Joanne Brenner, Lauren’s mother, works for “Para los Niños,” a nonprofit organization that provides daycare. Joanne Brenner was formerly an instructor at a community college.

While Lauren’s mother is Jewish, her father is of Scottish, English, and Dutch descent. Growing up, Lauren’s mother would frequently remind her of her Jewish heritage. Before her parents separated, Lauren and her family shared a home in Montecito Heights, Los Angeles. Her bond with her younger sister, Alison, grew as a result, and the sisters would frequently attempt to reconcile with their parents. When they were little, acting piqued the curiosity of both Alison and Lauren. They had decided to pursue acting after frequently showing off their acting prowess to their neighbors. Lauren, however, had a change of heart following high school. She thereafter launched a financial profession and rose to the position of financial counselor.

Connection to Alison Brie

Lauren Schermerhorn and her sister get along well. The two are frequently spotted hanging out together. She seldom ever goes to public events with her well-known sister. Alison’s official Instagram account is frequently updated with photos of Lauren. During an interview, Alison Brie disclosed that she took cues from her sister Lauren’s actual behaviors for her role as Trudy Campbell in the historical drama series “Mad Men.” She continued to characterize Lauren as a perfectionist in the same interview.

Individual Life of Lauren Schermerhorn

Lauren’s engagement was announced by Alison Brie on her official Twitter account on August 9, 2009. Thanksgiving is usually hosted at Lauren’s place. To ensure that they get together at least once a year, she extends an invitation to her parents and sister on Thanksgiving Day. As of right now, Lauren resides in the United States.

The net worth of Lauren Schermerhorn

The estimated net worth of Lauren Schermerhorn is about $1 million.