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Lauryn McClain is a well-known singer and actress in the United States. Her roles in films such as “Daddy’s Little Girls” and “The Gospel” are mostly responsible for her widespread fame. McClain is a well-known rock band, and she is a member of the band. Lauryn, along with her sisters Sierra and China, is responsible for the formation of the group “McClain,” which is essentially an all-girls pop and R&B band. The band released their debut studio album under the title ‘Go’ in the year 2012. A.N.T. Farm is a children’s show, ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ is a chat show, and ‘Tyler Perry’s House of Payne’ is a sitcom. Lauryn was also a member of all three of these shows. In 2008, she was a cast member in the movie titled “Six Blocks Wide.” At the moment, Lauryn is putting the finishing touches on the script for a sitcom that will very soon begin airing.

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Lauryn’s Individual Life

On January 9, 1997, Lauryn McClain was born in Decatur, Georgia, into a family of musicians. Michael McClain, her father, is a musician, songwriter, producer, and sound engineer. He has worked on various notable albums, such as Solange Knowles’ “Sky Away.” He also oversees the band “McClain.” Shontelle, Lauryn’s mother, is a songwriter and performer. The music production company “Gabesworld Music,” established by Lauryn’s parents, is named for her brother Gabriel.

Lauryn McClain’s Career

Lauryn began her career at a very young age after discovering her love of acting and singing while still in school. Lauryn began playing for her school’s musical band and later joined on a regular basis. Lauryn first experienced stage fear. Just before any of her performances, she would frequently have a foot cold. She began practicing the guitar in an effort to get over her stage fright, hoping that the confidence she could get from mastering the instrument would outweigh her dread.

After learning the instrument well, Lauryn’s older sister Sierra Aylina McClain had the brilliant idea to start a rock band with Lauryn and China. ‘3McClainGirls’ was the name of the band Sierra, Lauryn, and China debuted in 2004. Later, the group adopted the moniker “McClain Sisters,” which was later altered to “McClain.”

Lauryn was chosen to portray the part of Anne, a choir member, in the 2005 movie “The Gospel.” The movie featured a contemporary interpretation of the Parable of the Prodigal Son, one of Jesus’ parables. She made a brief appearance in the comedy “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne” in 2006, which also featured her sisters in recurring roles. The show’s creator Tyler was taken aback by the McClain sisters’ acting prowess and wished to give them additional opportunities.

By including the McClain sisters in the 2007 movie “Daddy’s Little Girls,” Tyler accomplished exactly that. A loving and devoted father of three daughters was the subject of the movie. The movie featured Lauryn as Lauryn James. The movie did poorly at the box office, regrettably. The performers’ performances were praised by the critics, although many were critical of the film’s production design. Lauryn managed to get the eye of other directors despite being cast as a kid actor.

Lauryn had now developed into a self-assured performer. After that, she appeared as Malia Obama, Barack Obama’s daughter, in one of the sketches on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Then, in 2008, she had an appearance in the short film “Six Blocks Wide.” Then Lauryn stopped acting and began concentrating on honing her acting and singing abilities. She feels privileged to have had the singer and composer Avril Lavigne as a mentor. Lauryn was inspired by Avril to use song to communicate her feelings. She also inspired her to compose music.

Lauryn returned to the big screen after a three-year hiatus to dazzle the audience with her improved acting abilities. In 2011, she made her television debut on the program “A.N.T. Farm.” The program showcases young talent who have already established themselves in the entertainment industry. Lauryn and her sisters also made an appearance in this series.

As ‘McClain’ the band released their first studio album in 2012, it proved to be a significant year. On August 3, 2012, ‘Go’, an album, saw the release of a single. With this record, Lauryn’s dream of writing a song came realized. The tracks were also co-written by her and her sisters. The album earned favorable reviews from critics and was even put up there with records by celebrities like Rihanna and the Jonas Brothers. The record helped Lauryn establish herself as a singer, which led to a turning point in her career.

The band’s second single, “He Loves Me,” was released in 2014. Its most recent track, “Rise,” has been designated as the anthem for the Disney nature program “Chimpanzee.” ‘Disney’s Friends for Change’ will use the song as their anthem, too. Currently, Lauryn is honing her scriptwriting abilities. She is now writing the script for a new sitcom.

Estimated Net Worth

Actress and singer Lauryn McClain, who hails from the United States, has an estimated net worth of $2 million. In the month of January 1997, Lauryn McClain was born in Decatur, Georgia. As an actress, she is primarily recognized for her role as Janelle, which she began playing in the television series Step Up: High Water in the year 2018. Lauryn McClain has had roles in the films The Gospel (2005), Daddy’s Little Girls (2007), and BearCity (2016), all of which were released between 2005 and 2016.