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Popular South Korean singer, actress, television host, and campaigner Lee Hyori is well-known. She is well-liked in South Korea and is particularly renowned for her breathtaking beauty and seductive appeal. She has performed well-known songs such “Hey Girl,” “Shall We Dance,” “Hey Mr. Big,” “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,” “Amor Mio,” and “Going Crazy.” Under the names DSP Entertainment, Mnet Media, and B2M Entertainment, she has worked. She was a member of Fin.K.L, a K-Pop girl group. Ock Joo Hyun, Lee Jin, and Sung Yuri are the other band members. Songs like “Blue Rain” and others were created by them. Her best work, the solo song CD “Stylish,” garnered her numerous accolades. She earned the moniker “Nation’s Fairy” while performing on the South Korean comedy variety show “Family Outing.” She once held the title of South Korea’s highest-paid singer.

Early Childhood & Life

On May 10, 1979, Lee Hyo-ri was born in Changwon, South Korea. She is the family’s youngest daughter. Her parents, an elder brother, and an older sister made up her family. She had dreamed of becoming a police officer.
At a very young age, Hyori had a love for acting and painting, and she eventually began to pursue performing professionally. She attended Gook Min University to study.

In her early years, a photo shoot with her pals led to the discovery of her breathtaking natural beauty. Daesung Entertainment then provided her with training.

Career of Lee Hyori

Hyori joined the K-Pop Girl Group “Fin K. L.” as the oldest and final member after being discovered by Daesung Entertainment and receiving further training. They released their debut single, “Blue Rain,” on May 12, 1998, shortly after she joined the group. The second track on their album “To My Boyfriend” was that song. They later gained enormous popularity in South Korea, fiercely challenging their rivals, the S.E.S. group.

The following year, Fin K.L. released about four studio albums. Soon after, in 2003, Lee made her solo debut with the release of her debut album, “Stylish,” which was a huge success and brought her a lot of praise. Her go-to song from the album was the lead single, “10 Minutes.”

Then, in the 16-episode drama series “Three Leaf Clover,” she made her acting debut. She was regarded as a misplaced character and fans asserted that she was insufficient for a character who was so oppressed due to the low ratings the series earned.

She signed a new contract with Mnet Entertainment, now known as Mnet Media when her one with DSP Entertainment expired. It was a 2.2 billion dollar contract for three years. She was then South Korea’s highest-paid female vocalist.

TV shows like “Happy Together,” “Sang Sang Plus,” “Change,” and “Time Machine” were co-hosted by her. She released her third album, “It’s Hyorish,” in 2008. Following that, she issued her fourth album, titled “H – Logic,” in 2010. It was the final Mnet Media project.

On May 21st, 2013, her fifth studio album, “Monochrome,” was released. After a few minor setbacks in TV hosting and shows, she made the decision to leave the business in February 2015. She ceased all activities, deleted her Twitter account, and shut down her blog.

It was suggested in October 2016 that she had resumed her musical endeavors and had signed a deal with the Kiwi Media Group. She returned in 2017 by posting on Instagram.

Her fourth album, “Black,” and the official music video for the title track, which has a rural theme, were both released on July 4. She is the executive producer of Black and has written eight of the 10 tracks as well as nine of them.

Along with this, Hyori has made appearances on other TV programs, including “Take Care of My Dad,” “Korea’s Next Top Model,” “Jung Jae-hyung & Lee Hyo-You ri’s and I,” “The Generation of Sensibility,” and many more.

She has appeared in movies such as “Emergency Act 19,” “Dancing Queen,” and “Duke.”

Bigger Worksof Lee Hyori

Ten tracks from her fourth album, H-Logic, were allegedly plagiarized in 2010. Later, she acknowledged the charge and claimed to have been duped. Then, for a while, she ceased all musical endeavors and television appearances. She began writing newspaper columns on her opinions on life and work around this time, nevertheless. Her writing was renowned for its clarity, humor, and sophistication.

She released “Closer,” a photo-essay book, in 2012, which documented her daily life with her dog Soonshim, whom Lee had rescued from an animal shelter.

Hyori has two songs for a charity that focus on animal welfare. “Please Stay Behind” and “Remember” were the songs.
In a tweet, she expressed her desire for the Tivoli, a new vehicle from SsangYong Motors, to succeed and for the company to rehire its sacked employees. She even stated that she would dance in a bikini in front of the car if something similar happened.

Recognition & Achievements

The lead song from her debut solo album, Stylish, “10 Minutes,” took her seven Daesangs (the most prestigious music awards in South Korea), including the four most valuable Daesangs.

The South Korean entertainment business dubbed 2003 “The Year Of Hyori” because she was rarely out of the public eye. ‘Get Ya!’ was the lead single from her second album. It was accused of plagiarism by the creators of Britney Spears’ song “Do Somethin,” which led to controversy over its lyrics.

Her third album’s first track debuted at the top of both offline and internet charts. Its name was “U Go Girl.” In less than five minutes, all of the seats for her debut solo performance, “Lee Hyori the Invincible,” were gone. She received the Mutizen Song Award for “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,” her debut single.

From her fifth album, “Monochrome,” which had sixteen songs, eight of them debuted in the top 10 on Bugs, Olley, and Naver Music. The Golden Disk, SBS, Seoel, and KBS Music Awards have all gone to her. In 2003, she was named “Best Artist of the Year” by KMTV Music. Along with that, she also won a number of categories in the 2003, 2008, and 2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

Hyori has won a number of additional style icon, hot multitainer, hot body, and voice accolades. Off the Record: Lee Hyori, a documentary series on Lee’s life, was broadcast on Mnet.

Personal Legacy & Life

She wed Roller Coaster’s guitarist Lee Sang Soon on September 1st, 2013. Their vacation home on Jeju Island’s Mt. Halla served as the venue for the wedding.

She has a reputation for being a happy girl who laughs a lot, but she also has a reputation for having a short fuse. She loves her long, straight hair and regards it as the most valuable feature of her body.
She claims that her family is the most significant aspect of her life.

Lee Hyori Net Worth

Lee Hyori’s net worth is $18 million dollars. Lee Hyori is a South Korean singer. In May 1979, Lee Hyori was born in the South Korean city of Cheongwon, in the North Chungcheong Province. She was the group leader when she first joined the South Korean pop girl group Fin.K.L. Fin Killing Liberty is also known as Fin.K.L. They have sold over 2 million records and are one of the most well-known K-pop girl groups. Six studio albums were released by them between 1998 and 2002. “To My Boyfriend” and “Blue Rain” were two of their most well-known tracks. In 2003, Hyori issued her first album as a solo artist. She received numerous Daesang awards in South Korea thanks to the success of her single “10 Minutes.” Over 144,000 copies of the album were sold in South Korea in 2003. In 2005, she played a role in the SBS TV series Three Leaf Clover. She served as the festival’s host. Hyori has five solo studio albums to her credit, the most recent being 2013’s Monochrome. All four of her first albums reached the top spot on the Korean charts. She has made numerous television dramas and films in South Korea, including Emergency Act 19 and Dancing Queen. She published a photo essay book in 2012 and is a vegetarian. In 2013, Hyori wed Lee Sang-soon.


In 2004 and 2005, she co-hosted the Korean Music Festival for two years in a row.
When she was about to plunge to her death from a broken portion of a roof during filming for the drama “If In Love… Like Them,” co-star Lee Dong Gun saved her.

Along with Jessica Alba, she appeared in a Korean cosmetics commercial.
White is her preferred color, and R&B and ballads are her preferred musical styles.
She is inspired as an artist by Mariah Carey and Brandy. She believed that the secret to living a fulfilled and happy life was to do our best in every aspect of our daily lives.

She goes by the name Chori.