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Brisbane, Queensland
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Brisbane, Queensland

Levi Miller, an Australian actor and model, is most known for his 2015 performance as “Peter Pan” in the Hugh Jackman-led film “Pan.” His acting career began after he won a theater contest with a monologue from “Peter Pan.” He has made appearances in a variety of Australian commercials. In the 2010 short film “Akiva,” he made his acting debut as “Lavi.” He then had appearances in movies like “A Heartbeat Away” (2011) and “Great Adventures” (2012) before portraying “Peter Pan” in “Pan,” which would define his acting career. A Wrinkle in Time (2018), Red Dog: True Blue (2016), Better Watch Out (2016), and Jasper Jones (2017) are a few other movies he has acted in. Film critics praised his performance of 12-year-old “Luke” in the psychological thriller “Better Watch Out.” His notable television appearances include that of a young boy titled “General Philbrick” in “Terra Nova” in 2011 and “Carter Grant” in a “Supergirl” episode in 2015. Levi has already appeared for a number of different brands and is also a kid model for “Ralph Lauren.” Even though he is only 15 years old, the actor is entirely committed to his already successful performing profession.

Early Childhood & Life

On September 30, 2002, in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, Levi Zane Miller was born. Shortly after Levi was born, his mother Meg filed for divorce from his father.
His father is not well-known. As the sole caregiver for Levi and his two sisters, Brittany and Tiarnee, his mother.
When Levi’s acting career began, she left her profession as a nurse to support her son and his sisters. She had previously worked as a nurse to support her children. Levi had a passion for acting and lived in an Australian inner district.

Although he had never imagined himself as renowned, he was enchanted by his sisters’ ambitions to become models. Soon after, Levi started going to auditions like his sisters, mainly because he didn’t want to feel left out.
Levi is a current student. He studies in a nearby neighborhood school.
Despite not routinely attending his classes, he mails his assignments and projects to his lecturers.

Earlier Years of Levi Miller

Miller began modeling when he was just 5 years old. Producers immediately became interested in the child with the blue eyes, and he began to feature in a number of Australian ads.
When he won a theatre contest at age 6 with a speech from “Peter Pan,” his ability was discovered. After that, he had a lot of possibilities presented to him.
Over time, he began to receive several requests to appear in ads.

Career of Levi Miller

In the 2010 short film “Akiva,” he was cast as “Lavi.” Bevan Burnes, David Clendenning, and Emma Dindas participated in the drama movie, which was directed by Katrina Irawati and made by Eliot Rifkin.
He made an appearance in Australia’s musical comedy “A Heartbeat Away” in 2011. Despite being a box office and critical disaster, the movie marked a turning point in his career.
He made his television debut in the same year as a guest star in the brief run of the series “Terra Nova.” In the movie, he portrayed “General Philbrick.”

He plays the role of young “Billy” in the 2012 short film “Great Adventures.” With the character of “Peter Pan” in the 2015 movie “Pan,” which also starred Hugh Jackman, Garrett Hedlund, and Amanda Seyfried, he made his debut.
He was picked out of thousands of boys who tried out for the part. He later admitted that when he got the call confirming his selection, he was at dinner with his family.
The fantasy movie, which was helmed by Joe Wright, functioned as a precursor to J. M. Barrie’s book “Peter and Wendy,” which told the tale of “Peter Pan” and “Captain Hook” in its original form.

‘Pan’ was transported to Neverland, a beautiful place beyond of space and time, in the film. ‘Pan’s experiences in Neverland and his search for his mother’ were the subject of the movie.
Despite the film’s commercial failure, Levi’s first main role made it significant for him. He had an appearance in “Supergirl” that same year on television.

In the fifth episode of the show’s debut season, he appeared as “Carter Grant.” He starred in the psychological suspense film “Better Watch Out” in 2016. In the show, he played Luke, a 12-year-old boy in love with Olivia DeJonge’s character Ashley, his babysitter.
Film critics gave Levi’s performance in the movie great marks. He made an appearance as “Mick” in the Australian comedy “Red Dog: True Blue” that same year.

The movie, which served as a precursor to “Red Dog” from 2011 also starred Jason Isaacs and Bryan Brown. For the movie, Levi also picked up bike riding.

He starred in the 2017 movie “Jasper Jones,” which was adapted from Craig Silvey’s book of the same name. The movie starred “Levi” as 14-year-old boy “Charlie Bucktin,”

Both critics and viewers gave the mystery drama excellent reviews. He portrayed Calvin O’Keefe, a classmate of Storm Reid’s Meg Murry, in the 2018 fantasy movie “A Wrinkle in Time.”
Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, Mindy Kaling, Chris Pine, and Deric McCabe played the lead parts in the movie. The movie struggled at the box office and garnered negative reviews.

Major Other Works of Levi Miller

Miller has also done modeling work for several companies. He was chosen to represent “Polo,” the Ralph Lauren kids’ fall campaign, in 2015.

Individual Life of Levi Miller

Miller is a young man who is totally committed to his job. He does not want any distractions from his developing profession and is not currently dating anyone.
In his spare time, he enjoys playing soccer and watching ‘Premier League’ games.

Net worth of Levi Miller

The estimated net worth of Levi Miller is about $1 million.