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Korean choreographer and dancer Lia Kim specializes in hip-hop. Her amazing dance routines showcase a distinctive fusion of urban hip-hop and street funk. She is most recognized for her deft finger-tutting abilities. The CEO of the “1Million Dance Studio” in Seoul is Lia. Students interact with one another in the studio via the joy of dancing, which is a melting pot of many dance styles from throughout the world. Since Lia is a trained choreographer, she places a strong emphasis on precision and technicality. Her dancing routines become works of art as a result. In addition to judging a few dance reality shows, Lia has performed at numerous regional, national, and worldwide events. She has produced dance routines for a lot of celebrities as well as choreographed several performances and events.

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The Career of Lia Kim

Lia started out dancing on the streets. She first participated in a number of dancing competitions, which helped her gain attention from the business. Lia finally stopped street dancing, though. She then focused on choreography for stage performances.

Lia has competed in a variety of regional, national, and international events. At the “Euro Battle” competition held in Portugal, she took second place in the popping category. She won the “World Dance Competition” and the “POP LOCK LAIDIES” competitions. Lia excelled at the “Dosi Hip-hop Festival” as well.

Lia has ties to South Korean media outlets JYP Entertainment and SM Entertainment, among others. She quickly co-founded “1Million Dance Studio.” The studio’s chief choreographer is Lia. The facility, which is in Seoul’s Gangnam neighborhood, provides instruction in a variety of dance styles. One Million Dance Studio has a YouTube channel where its own dance choreographies are posted. More than 11 million people currently subscribe to the channel.

Lia has performed at several occasions held abroad. At the 2017 “New York Fashion Week,” she was the star of the “Jarret Show” opening act. She has collaborated with a number of talent agencies and entertainment businesses, including ‘CJ E&M,’ ‘SM Entertainment,’ ‘YG Entertainment,’ ‘JYP Entertainment,’ and ‘LOEN Entertainment.’

Lia is a well-known international choreographer who has created dance routines for a variety of pop musicians and bands, including “TWICE,” “BoA,” “EXID,” “Girls’ Generation,” “Wonder Girls,” Sunmi,”Miss A,” “f(x),” Son Dam-bi,” Jang Woo Hyuk,” “Got7,” “2PM,” “After School,” “Playback,” “Melody Day,” “WANNA Lia has served as a judge on reality television programs and dance competitions like “Astro Battleground” and “World of Dance.” She also served as the head instructor at the “Urban Dance Camp” and the “Fair Play Dance Camp.” Lia was in charge of choreographing one of the shows for the Korean artist Lee Hyo Lee.

Lia dances while sporting stilettos. Hip-hop and street funk are her favored dancing genres. She has also developed her abilities in a variety of different dance genres throughout the years. Her dance style has evolved from being purely street to becoming more commercial. The “Brain Dance Studio” also offers high-heel choreography classes from Lia.

Lia publishes her dancing routines on her “YouTube” channel. In December 2013, she published her debut choreography video, “Eric Benet – Hurricane Astro Battle Ground Live in Malaysia.” On the Skrillex song “Promises,” she performs some of the channel’s most well-liked choreography videos.

GCHI is a company owned by Lia. The company represents a production movement that favors the advancement of women. In 2016, “GCHI” and the Korean streetwear company “KORELIMITED” cooperated. The partnership, known as “KORE X GCHI,” was the first of its type. The company sells a premium selection of joggers, shirts, caps, and coats. ‘SHOP LIA’ is the name of Lia’s online clothing store, which she also runs as a fashion designer.
At the 2018 “Gaon Chart Music Awards,” Lia was named “Choreographer of The Year.”

Individual Life of Lia Kim

Kim Hye Rang, the mother of Lia, was born on July 10, 1987 in Seoul, South Korea. After graduating from Seoul’s “Dong-Seoul University,” she went on to “Yon-Sei University” to get a degree in hip-hop dancing.
Lia feels most at ease wearing denims and a pair of elegant high boots. She adores both pandas and cats. Red is her favorite color. She enjoys eating prawns and fried eggs.

Estimated Net Worth of Lia Kim

The estimated net worth of Lia Kim is around $1 million.