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Chicago, Illinois

Lil Reese, also known as Tavares Taylor, is a Def Jam Recordings-signed American rapper and performer. After gaining success from his appearance on Chief Keef’s blockbuster single “I Don’t Like,” he uploaded his own rap videos to YouTube. His most popular singles are ‘Beef,’ ‘Us,’ ‘Traffic,’ and ‘Bang Like Chop.’ In 2012, the rapper remixed his smash single ‘Us’ with musicians such as Rick Ross and Drake. The song was a success and was included on Rick Ross’ collaboration album ‘The Black Bar Mitzvah’. It was highly welcomed by critics and ultimately led to other collaborations with Fredo Santana, Rico Recklezz, and others. Twista, Lil Durk, Lil Bibby, and Young Jeezy. In 2013, he released a remix of his smash tune “Traffic,” which included rappers such as Twista and Young Jeezy. In addition to working with Juelz Santana on ‘Bodies,’ the musician teamed with Cap 1 and Lil Durk on ‘S.O.S. (Smash On Sight).

Lil Reese’s Career

Lil Reese’s early childhood was marred by gang violence and membership with gangs, as was the case for many African-American children growing up in Chicago, Illinois. He was significantly affected by gang culture. Appearing on Chief Keef’s ‘I Don’t Like’ provided him the exposure he needed, and the Hip-Hop music producer ‘No ID’ began monitoring him.

Reese’s career took a significant turn when he collaborated with No ID, who had worked with some of the top rap artists in the world, including Kanye West and Common. He quickly joined Def Jam Recordings.

In spite of a few hit tracks, he did not begin recording regularly until 2013, when he began collaborating with prominent rap industry figures. He teamed with Lil Durk on the well-received songs “Competition” and “Street Life.”

The smash song ‘No Lackin’ featured rappers Funkmaster Flex, Waka Flocka Flame, and Wale. His tracks ‘On My Soul’ with Lil Herb and ‘On A T-Shirt’ featuring Piles were crowd favorites in 2014. In 2015, he worked with Fredo Santana on two of his biggest singles, ‘Bad Habits’ and ‘Go-To War’

Disputes and Scandals

Since the inception of his career, Lil Reese has been involved in issues. In May 2010, he was convicted of burglary and sentenced to two years of probation. On October 24, 2012, a YouTube video showed Reese and another man viciously attacking Tiairah Marie at a party.

He was detained and released after posting a bond of $100,000. While Reese eventually apologized to the woman, claiming it was the wrong thing to do, Tiairah responded with contempt and brushed the incident off.

The troubling character of his career, however, does not end there. He has been identified as a member of the gang ‘Black Disciples,’ which has been in conflict with ‘Gangster Disciples.’ He even had beef with the rival gang’s member, the rapper Joseph ‘Lil JoJo’ Coleman, until Lil JoJo was gunned murdered by unknown gunmen on September 4, 2012.

Following the death, ‘Black Disciples’ member Chief Keef sent out a controversial tweet writing, “It’s Sad Because That Nigga Jojo Wanted to Be Just Like Us #LMAO.” Later, he asserted that his account had been compromised. He and Lil Reese remain the leading suspects in the murder of Lil JoJo. Additionally, Reese has been arrested many times for marijuana possession.

Lil Reese’s Personal Life

Lil Reese was born in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America, on January 6, 1993. It is unknown if Lil Reese is in a relationship, however on June 15, 2014, he welcomed his first child, Aubri.

Estimated Net Worth

Lil Reese is an American rapper with a one million dollar net worth. Lil Reese, also known as Tavares Taylor, who was born in Chicago, Illinois, dropped out of high school during his junior year to pursue a career in the music industry.