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Rapper Lil Skies hails from the United States and is most known for his first mixtape, “Life of a Dark Rose,” as well as songs like “Red Roses” and “Nowadays.” He was born and reared in Pennsylvania, and his father, a struggling rapper who never found success in the music industry, served as his artistic inspiration. At the tender age of 4, Lil began visiting studios. Rapping had become his exclusive passion by the time he was a teenager. He began his career by posting his songs to websites like “YouTube” and “SoundCloud,” as he did not yet have a record deal. In 2017, he began releasing his music, with tracks including “Red Roses” and “Off the Goop.” These singles’ enormous success resulted in a record deal with “Atlantic Records.” He soon made the mixtape “Life of a Dark Rose” available. The album received favorable reviews and reached its highest point on the Billboard 200 rankings at number ten.

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Early Childhood & Life

Lil Skies was born Kimetrius Foose to mixed-race American parents on August 4, 1998, in a middle-class family. Michael Burton Jr., his father, was a struggling musician who went by the moniker “Dark Skies.” Skies fell deeply in love with music despite his inability to have a successful career in the field.

Michael grew up listening to rap music all the time. But Skies’ father exposed him to all kinds of music. He frequently accompanied Michael to the recording studios. Skies began freestyling on his own after being inspired by his father. His father made a recording of him and played it for his friends. Skies entered a recording studio for the first time at the age of four as a result.

His father suffered terrible injuries and was severely burned in an explosion while he was in school. When his father was hospitalized, Skied and his father were able to finally connect. Skies had never taken his career seriously until that. But when he grew close to his father, his perspective was altered. He quickly made the decision that he wanted to be a rapper.

Skies graduated with honors from the “Waynesboro Area High School” in Pennsylvania. He was a major fan of both 50 Cent and Lil Wayne after listening to their music. He chose “Lil Skies” as his stage name because Lil Wayne was an inspiration.

Skies enrolled at the “Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania” after finishing high school. He had already decided that the time was now to launch a serious music career. He got a tattoo on his face to keep from getting a stable job. At the age of 18, he left college after his first year and started a career as a rapper.

Career of Lil Skies

He had already begun freestyling on rap tracks at college events by the time he began college. He also performed well academically. He consequently gained a lot of popularity in college. He once had the chance to introduce Fetty Wap. As a result, he amassed a sizable internet fan base.

He had already achieved some level of notoriety on SoundCloud and YouTube by that point, though. In August 2015, he posted the music video for the song “Lonely,” and the enthusiastic response inspired him to create more music. He persisted in posting music videos to “YouTube,” progressively gaining subscribers.

His second music video, “Da Sauce,” which he posted in 2016, was a huge smash and had more than a million “views.” With every single upload, his “SoundCloud” account picked up new fans. Skies published his debut mixtape, “Good Grades, Bad Habits 2,” in the same year.

The mixtape’s initial installment wasn’t made available to the general public. Despite being a straight-A student, the recording discussed his problems in high school and college. His interests, though, were elsewhere. The mixtape was made available on YouTube and SoundCloud.

As he had already dropped out of college by 2017, he had begun recording music full-time by that point. ‘Alone,’ his second official mixtape, was released in January 2017. After that, he got to work on his first album, which was going to be released on the independent label “All We Got.”

‘Red Roses,’ the album’s lead song, was made public in July 2017. The song was an immediate success and was listed on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Rapper Landon Cube and the duo collaborated on the song’s composition. Within a few weeks, the song rose to the 69th position, which was still a significant accomplishment for a novice like him. The song was finally given the RIAA “gold” certification, and in October, the music video for it debuted on YouTube.

Another single by Skies, ‘Nowadays,’ was released in December 2017 and performed marginally better on the American rap charts. The song debuted at 85 on the Billboard Hot 100 and peaked at 55. The track was certified “gold” by the “RIAA” after being downloaded more than 500 000 times.

Before his mixtape “Life of a Dark Rose” was released in January 2018, he already had a commercial agreement with “Atlantic Records.” As a result, a major release was promised, and Skies was prepared to establish himself as a well-known rapper.

After being made available, the tape quickly became a commercial success. Two of the album’s songs had already been released, which boosted the album’s formal release. The CD had 14 songs and featured musicians including Nicholas Mira, Julian Gramma, Jamaal Henry, Alex Petit, and Snodgrass.

The album debuted on the ‘Billboard 200’ chart in at position 23, and it also appeared in several other top 20 lists. The album was in the top 10 albums on many of those charts by the end of the month.
The majority of critics gave the album favorable reviews. Some, though, were not at all content.
In 2018, Skies began a tour dubbed the “Life of a Dark Rose Tour” after the release of his album. But the tour had to end because he got sick in the middle of it.
Despite this, Skies continued to rise in the eyes of the industry’s hip-hop scene. He appeared in the 2018 song “Off the Gas” by “6 Dogs.”

Individual Life of Lil Skies

Although his parents have been estranged for a while, he still keeps in touch with both of them.
He categorically disputed any claims that he was a drug addict in a recent interview. But he admitted to occasionally smoking marijuana. He said he was aware of the negative impacts of drug use and that it bothered him that so many young artists were passing away from drug overdoses.

Lil Skies Net Worth

Rapper Lil Skies is an American with a $3 million fortune. In August 1998, Lil Skies was born in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. His father, a performer who goes by the stage name Dark Skies, introduced Lil Skies to music. At the age of four, he made his first song recording. After performing as Fetty Wap’s opening act in 2016, Lil Skies released his debut mixtape, “Alone,” in 2017.