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Lilan Bowden is an American comedian and actor. She is best known for playing ‘Bex’ in the ‘Disney television series ‘Andi Mack.’ Bowden displayed a keen interest in stage performances as a child. She actively participated in her high school’s comedy club and thoroughly relished making others laugh. After graduating from high school, she entered the ‘Upright Citizens Brigade sketch comedy group. Long after her television debut, Bowden was limited to minor roles. The character of “Bex” provided her with a much-needed respite. This character helped her attract viewers’ attention. Bowden is also a writer and has contributed to several comedic television series and short features.

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Youth and Early Life

Lilan Bowden was born in Castro Valley, California, on September 1, 1985, to a Taiwanese mother and an American father. She has a sibling. Bowden graduated from Castro Valley High School. She frequented the school’s “improv” and comedy clubs during high school. In 2002, Bowden graduated from high school.

Bowden then attended the University of California, where she continued to perform in comedy venues. Later, she relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her Hollywood ambitions.

Lilan Bowden’s Career

Lilan Bowden began her career in comedy with “the improv” and sketch comedy group “Upright Citizens Brigade.” During her tenure with the group, she appeared on a number of comedy programs. Bowden also performed alongside her comedy partner and closest friend, Wilder-Smith. Together, they produced sketch-comedy videos for the ‘Lilan and Wilder television series.

Bowden appeared in several comedic videos for the website hilarious or die.com. She also served as a writer for a number of this website’s streamed programs. Lilan Bowden made her television début in 2007 with the series “Gullible Gil.” She portrayed Jane in four episodes of the television series. Bowden portrayed ‘Myrah’ in the 2011 television film ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ Nick Lyon directed the terrifying film. Bowden has also appeared in multiple episodes of the television program UCB Comedy Originals.

In 2008, Bowden was cast in her first film. She portrayed Risa Reagan in the film “Sex and the United States.” Bowden failed to create an impression in the entertainment industry for an extended period of time. She appeared in guest roles on television programs such as “Hart of Dixie,” “Suburgatory,” “Parks and Recreation,” and “Adam Ruins Everything.” Bowden appeared in four episodes of “CollegeHumor Originals” in 2015.

Lilan Bowden received her major break in 2017 when she was offered the role of Rebecca “Bex” Mack in the television series Andi Mack. The Disney network is presently airing the comedy-drama series. Bowden plays ‘Bex,’ the mother of the series’ protagonist, ‘Andi.’ Young mother ‘Bex’ is initially presented as ‘Andi’s’ sister. Later on, ‘Andi’ learns that ‘Bex’ is in fact her mother.

“Andi Mack” has been positively received by viewers. The show’s second and third seasons have been renewed. Bowden’s depiction of ‘Bex’ has contributed to her success in the entertainment industry. Bowden portrayed Athena in the 2018 action–comedy film The Odd Essay. The film is a contemporary adaptation of “The Odyssey” set on a university campus.

The comedy series ‘Lilan and Wilder,’ which consists of videos of Bowden and Wilder, is also immensely popular. Their videos are available on their YouTube channel and website.

Lilan’s Personal Life

According to reports, Lilan Bowden is currently single. Bowden enjoys skateboarding and playing basketball. Due to her blended ethnic background, Lilan’s early days in the entertainment industry were difficult. Her Asian-American heritage prevented her from securing desirable positions. She once acknowledged, “Minority roles tend to fall into a certain category…”

Estimated Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Lilan Bowden is approximately $1 million. Her source of income is acting, personal brands, and comedic sketches.