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Canadian classical and multi-genre pianist Lillian Liu is also a self-taught creative photographer, digital artist, and model. Since August 2016, she has been teaching piano and violin at the Semiahmoo Academy of Music in White Rock, British Columbia. She also teaches at the Vancouver Academy of Music, S.K. Lee College, and the Langley Community School of Music. Since February 2009, she has also been playing as a solo pianist and in ensembles. She has collaborated on producing ring-modulated piano soundscapes with renowned electro-acoustic composer Nicola Monopoli. She won the Mildred Johnson Scholarship in Music and has performed at the Casalmaggiore Music Festival, the Phyllis E. Salter Competition, and the 2018 Canadian Music Competition. She has recently appeared in a number of metal projects, such as 2017’s “Tchornobog” and Akheth’s debut single, “The Asylum,” which features Mark Janson. She is renowned as a photographer and visual artist for using Photoshop and her camera to turn imaginations into reality. She has appeared in publications including Marie Claire Taiwan, Vogue Taiwan, Fae Magazine, PhotoVogue Italia, Dreamingless, Elegant, Surreal Beauty, Art of Portrait, Dark Beauty, and others as a photographer and model. She recently hosted a gender exhibition in China’s Far East.

Become a Star

Lillian Liu spent a lot of her childhood focused on honing her musical abilities and used to practice the violin and piano for hours each day. She has always been fascinated by painting, but she was never given the chance to acquire the necessary abilities while still a child. She was inspired to start taking photos by a teacher in high school, though. She made the decision to try it as an unconventional experiment and enrolled in a photography class at the local college to gain access to a camera.

She was soon pleasantly delighted to see that photography gave her more freedom than painting did to openly express her emotions through visual arts. She decided to take a hands-on approach and started taking pictures of nearly everything around her rather than wasting her time reading “excessively boring and bland” manuals. While it has taken her some time to develop the style of art for which she is now recognized, she has already collaborated on separate projects in more than 17 different places around the world with outstanding people from North America and Europe.

Why Lillian Liu Is Special?

Lillian Liu had to deal with financial difficulties while juggling music and photography, which was not an easy task. She used a simple camera for years because her studies consumed all of her funding. Her musical talent allowed her to play at various events, land jobs as a music instructor, and eventually work with contemporary composers who employ novel techniques. Her musical training indirectly aided in the development of her photography talents because she was used to communicating with listeners solely through sound, a goal she also sought to pursue in the visual arts by attempting to portray emotions in a similar way. Her early fascination with “epic tales, folk legends, movies, and roleplaying games” had a significant impact on her painting. As a result, escape and empowerment are prominent themes in many of her visual representations. She is known to employ a lot of retouching techniques to do this, which occasionally has led to criticism from purists who prefer not to view her artworks as photography owing to photo manipulation. Although she is more concerned with reaching her goals than adhering to rigid processes, this does not at all dampen her spirits. She still enjoys tinkering with new things to learn more about them because she perfected her craft through trial and error.
She has worked on the RCM Museum of Music’s database of historical objects, handling instruments from the fifteenth century, in addition to giving musical concerts and curating art shows. She has been a pianist for CW+’s ‘Memory Lane’ project in London, United Kingdom, since November 2015. The program reinforces the significance of art in cognitive recovery by reaching more than 5000 patients annually.

Individual Life of Lillian Liu

On July 14, 1992, Lillian Liu was born in Vancouver, British Columbia. She spent a portion of her formative years in London, England. She attended the Vancouver Academy of Music while pursuing her degree in piano performance at the University of British Columbia. She subsequently applied to the Royal College of Music in the United Kingdom to pursue a Master’s in classical piano performance. She also has a Royal Conservatory of Music ARCT diploma for performance.

Lillian Liu’s Net Worth

Lillian is among the wealthiest and most well-known photographers. Our research found that Lillian Liu has a net worth of $5 million from sources including Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.