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The comedian Rowan Atkinson’s daughter is Lily Sastry, formerly known as Lily Atkinson. Lily is a well-respected artist in her own right, well-known for her burlesque dance and performance singing. Lily began her career in entertainment as a young artist. Her debut came in the 2004 children’s film “Tooth.” She later appeared in the films Johnny English Reborn and Mr. Bean’s Holiday with her father. She chose the unusual route and began studying cabaret despite her early start. She was soon spotted giving her one-woman performance in a number of locations, including the well-known bar The Pheasantry. Following the success of her early performances, she was awarded a two-night contract for her own West End production, “Lily,” which went on to become a big smash. Lily enjoys singing as well, and she frequently records her performances and songs to post on SoundCloud. She currently performs as a singer and dancer, and the media has given her performances positive acclaim.

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Career of Lily Sastry

At a very young age, Lily Sastry started her career in show business. In 2004, she was cast as the “New Recruit” in the children’s film “Tooth.” Later, she shared the screen with her well-known father in a few cameos in the films “Mr. Bean’s Holiday” (2007) and “Johnny English Reborn” (2011). Even though she had a head start in the film industry, Lily was determined to follow her passion for performing arts. She enjoyed singing, and she frequently composed songs and came up with tunes for them. In the end, with her father’s support, she recorded these songs in a studio and put them up on SoundCloud. She started taking cabaret lessons at the same time.

Lily made the decision to begin doing large-scale performances after being introduced to cabaret. The Pheasantry, a well-known club in London, was her first choice, and her one-woman show sold out. She quickly found fame as a performer after receiving positive reviews for her burlesque show. Her second appearance was in a two-night West End play when she performed her sketch with a live band. This too turned out to be a huge success. She gave the same act twice at London’s renowned St. James Theatre. Critics praised her seductive jazz performances, calling them “powerful” and “fresh.” Since then, Lily hasn’t had to turn around. She still hosts her shows across the nation at this time.

Lily, like a lot of other millennials, was an avid Instagram user who frequently posted pictures. But following her parents’ divorce, she made the decision to go digitally clean, and she deleted her Instagram account. She doesn’t use her Twitter account very much either. Regarding her personal life, she continues to be reticent.

Individual Life 0f Lily Sastry

Born in 1995, Lily was the child of renowned actor Rowan Atkinson and makeup artist Sunetra Sastry. Benjamin Atkinson is the elder brother of the woman. After her parents’ divorce, Lily chose to take on her mother’s last name, and it became known that Rowan Atkinson had been dating a much younger woman. Since Lily has a very private existence, it is unknown if she is in a relationship. Lily enjoys watching dance performances and listening to music, especially pop and R&B, while she is not working.

The net worth of Lily Sastry

The estimated net worth of Lily Sastry is about $1 million.


Sastry loves classic music and counts Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, and Whitney Houston as her inspirations. She is currently obsessed with Frank Ocean, Bruno Mars, and Beyoncé.