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Lim Guan Eng is the fourth Chief Minister of Penang and is in charge right now. He has been in politics for a long time and is now the Secretary-General of the Malaysian Democratic Action Party (DAP). He is a certified accountant who also has a background in economics. His interest in politics started when he was young, but he worked in business first before going into politics full-time. He was a successful senior executive at a bank when he decided to run for office. In 1986, he beat former Malaysian football captain Soh Chin Aun with a majority of 17,606 votes to become a member of parliament from Kota Melaka. He then won the next two elections and became the first person in Kota Melaka’s history to be elected for three terms in a row. A few years after that, he was chosen as the leader of the DAP Socialist Youth (DAPSY). He had a lot of success, which led to him being chosen as the DAP’s Deputy Secretary-General. In the 2008 general election in Malaysia, the coalition of DAP, PKR, and PAS, which became known as Pakatan Rakyat, won 29 of the 40 state seats that were up for election in Penang. Lim Guan Eng was chosen as the new Chief Minister of Penang because DAP was the largest party in the coalition.

Early years and childhood

Lim Guan Eng was born on December 8, 1960, in Johor Bahru, Johor, Federation of Malaya, to Lim Kit Siang and Neo Yoke Tee (now Malaysia). His father is also a well-known politician. He is the leader of Malaysia’s largest multiracial opposition party, the Democratic Action Party (DAP).

He went to the La Salle Primary English School in Petaling Jaya for his early education. Later, he moved to the Batu Pahat Montfort Primary English School. He went to Batu Pahat High School and Malacca High School after that.

He went to Monash University in Australia to study economics and got a bachelor’s degree in that field. He then went to school to learn about accounting. By 1983, he was a licensed accountant. He was also the president of MUISS while he was in college (Monash University International Student Society).

Lim Eng’s Career

When Lim Guan Eng finished school, he went to work in the business world. He had always been interested in politics, but he worked hard at his banking job for many years and eventually became a senior executive at a bank.

In 1986, he beat former Malaysian football captain Soh Chin Aun with a majority of 17,606 votes to become a member of parliament from Kota Melaka. This was the start of his career in politics. He was chosen again in the general elections of 1990 and 1995.

In October 1987, he was put in jail as part of Operation Lalang. This was done under the Internal Security Act. Several other politicians and activists were also held, but he was the first person to be held and the last person to be let go.

In 1990, he was chosen to be chairman of the DAP Socialist Youth (DAPSY). He was chosen to be the DAP’s Deputy Secretary-General in 1995.

In 1995, he was charged with “causing dissatisfaction with the administration of justice in Malaysia” under Section 4(1)(b) of the Sedition Act of 1948. This was in response to his public criticism of how the government handled a rape accusation against Tan Sri Abdul Rahim Tamby Chik, the former Chief Minister of Malacca, and the alleged detention of the victim by the Malaysian police.

Lim Guan Eng was sentenced to 18 months in prison in August 1998, but he got out after only 12 months because he had been good.
Because he was in jail, he was not allowed to run for office for five years. But in May 2004, he was chosen as Secretary-General of the party.

In 2008, he ran for office in Malaysia as a candidate for the Pakatan Rakyat, a coalition of the DAP, the PKR, and the PAS. The coalition won 29 of the 40 seats in Penang that were up for a vote. By winning 19 seats, DAP became the largest party in the coalition.

Even though Lim did not grow up in Penang, he was chosen to be the next Chief Minister of Penang. On March 11, 2008, he took office. During his time in office, the economy grew and developed steadily, and 25% of all investments in Malaysia went to Penang.

He also started a number of social welfare programs, such as giving money to the poor and giving cash to the elderly as a reward for fighting corruption. He also improved public housing and gave workers free bus rides within the city and between Penang Island and Seberang Perai.

He was a well-liked politician, and in the 2013 elections, his party, Pakatan Rakyat, won 30 of the 40 state seats in Penang. Lim Guan Eng was sworn in for a second term as the leader of Penang.

Works of note

Under his leadership, the Penang state government introduced the concept of Competency, Accountability, and Transparency (CAT) in governance. His government also wants to make Penang a safer, cleaner, and more green state. As Chief Minister, he has also done a good job of stopping corruption and making the economy grow in a big way.

Personal History and Legacies

Betty Chew Gek Cheng is a Malaysian Chinese politician from the Democratic Action Party (DAP) and the State Assemblywoman for Kota Laksamana in Melaka. She is married to Lim Guan Eng. There are four kids in the family.

Estimated Net worth

Lim Guan Eng’s estimated net worth is $1 million, and being a politician is his main source of income. We don’t know enough about Lim Guan Eng’s cars or his way of life.