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The youngest confirmed mother in history is Lina Medina, who holds this distinction. At the age of five years and seven months, she gave birth to a kid. She received a lot of attention despite the fact that the father of the child is still unknown because she was still a child at the time of the baby’s birth. She had a rare disorder called premature puberty. Lina, a medical miracle at the time, garnered attention, and several articles and research papers have been written about her. To ascertain whether the case was a hoax, the media and researchers delved deeply into her situation. Since the birth of her child, she has lived a regular life. She later married, giving birth to another son. She presently resides in Peru’s Little Chicago. She occasionally participates in interviews and has repeatedly requested financial assistance from the government for the demolition of her home as part of a road widening project.

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Early Childhood & Life

On September 23, 1933, in Ticrapo, Peru, Lina Marcela Medina de Jurado was born. Her mother Victoria Losea was a housewife, while her father Tiburlo Medina worked as a silversmith. Her sibling count was eight.
Lina’s parents first observed an unusual belly enlargement in her when she was 5 years old. Her family was concerned because they thought it might be a tumor of some sort. Everyone was confused by the doctor’s prognosis, though.

Lina was initially given the pregnancy diagnosis of seven months by Dr. Gerardo Lozada. To make sure, he also took her to see experts and other medical professionals. Because the diagnosis was unexpected, Dr. Lozada called the police right away.

Lina’s father was first detained by the police on suspicion of incest and child abuse; however, they eventually released him owing to a lack of proof. A mentally handicapped sibling of Lina’s was also investigated, but there was no proof linking him to the father of the child.

Lina’s parents firmly stood up for their child’s privacy and turned down requests to film Lina or make money out of her medical condition. The family also disclosed that Lina began menstruation at the age of three and began ovulating when she was just eight months old. She had already begun to display developmental characteristics, including pronounced breast development and expansion of the pelvis.

Her pelvis and bones had not fully developed for a natural delivery, therefore her baby had to be delivered via Caesarean section. Her fully grown, mature sexual organs were another finding made by the doctors. After her doctor, the infant was given the name Gerardo Medina and weighed 2.7 kg.
Lina was recognized as a medical miracle and the youngest confirmed mother in history. Many institutes and research centers wanted to investigate Lina and her son, but her parents didn’t want their granddaughter and grandchild to grow up in a lab.

Later Years of Lina Medina

Gerardo, Lina’s son, discovered that Lina was his mother when he was 10 years old after having grown up thinking of her as his sister. Although the child’s biological father has never been identified, some have theorized that Lina may not even be aware of the father’s identity.

Gerardo developed normally, and Dr. Lozada took Lina under his wing, watched after her, and saw to it that she obtained the right kind of education. Additionally, he paid for little Gerardo’s education and made sure he got all the assistance he required. She assisted Dr. Lozada while working as a secretary at the Lima clinic.
Lina later married Raul Jurado when she was 33 years old, and in 1972, their son Raul Jurado Jr. was born. She declined numerous opportunities for interviews and appearances on shows in favor of a routine existence. Raul Jurado, her husband, claims that she also declined a Reuters interview.

At the age of 40, Gerardo passed away in 1979 due to a bone marrow condition. There was no evidence that his odd birth circumstances were related to his infection. He had up to that point lived a healthy and regular life.
Lina has lived in poverty all of her life and still resides with her husband in Little Chicago, a deprived area of Peru. She doesn’t think it’s right to make money, so she refuses to rehash the previous pain and sell her narrative.
Her home was destroyed recently as a result of a road widening project. She didn’t get paid for it, though, and was said to be indignant. She discussed it in several interviews and also accused the government of causing her to live in poverty because the rewards she was promised when she was a child were never actually provided to her.

Net worth of Lina Medina

The estimated net worth of Lina Medina is about $1 million.