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Prescott, Arizona
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Prescott, Arizona

Lincoln Markham is the host of the wildly popular YouTube channel ‘What’s Inside?’ After he and his father Daniel uploaded a series of videos exploring the interiors of sports balls, he soared to fame. The duo went on to investigate the interiors of other objects, such as restrooms, LED shoes, electronic devices, etc. Markham and his father’s YouTube channel has over 6 million subscribers, and they continue to assist others in learning through their explorations. Today, YouTube is an integral part of their lives, and the majority of their enjoyment is derived from telling stories and interacting with their audience. In addition to the social platform, Markham’s videos are prominent on other social networking platforms. The youthful social media influencer also maintains a personal website called What’s Inside. where he posts videos and personal blogs. Lincoln Markham, who is extremely talented and ambitious, has become an inspiration to many school-aged children.

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Achieve Stardom Of Lincoln

In 2008, Lincoln Markham and his father Daniel established their YouTube channel, What’s Inside? The father and son duo concluded a second-grade science project and uploaded the project’s ‘What’s inside’ videos to their channel, which had previously primarily featured family home videos. Their channel began to generate revenue after some time. This made Markham and his father aware that a video on their channel was being viewed frequently. They conducted an investigation and determined that the views originated from their “What’s Inside?” videos. The son and father then decided to remove the family recordings from their channel, resulting in the birth of the ‘What’s Inside?’ channel.

Lincoln Markham and his father then began weekly video uploads, and the channel quickly gained popularity. In April 2015, they reached one thousand subscribers. A week afterward, the number of subscribers doubled. In December of that year, their channel attained one million subscribers. It currently has more than 6 million subscribers and billions of views. Lincoln and his father had the opportunity to collaborate with magnate Bill Gates and his wife Melinda due to the success of their YouTube channel.

Today, their channel contains a number of “What’s inside?” videos. From ‘What’s inside a TV?’ to ‘What’s inside a Punching Bag? ‘, the channel offers a variety of programs that help people discover and investigate a wide range of topics. Lincoln Markham is also a member of their secondary channel, ‘WHAT’S INSIDE? THE FAMILY.’ The channel, which was launched in December 2015, includes “behind the scenes” videos, Q&A videos, school project videos, and many more. It also contains a number of travel vlogs that are all worth viewing. As of October 2018, this channel has more than 930,000 subscribers.

Personal Facts About Lincoln

Lincoln Markham was born in Prescott, Arizona, on January 3, 2006, to Leslie and Daniel. His father was an industry-leading sales representative in the biotechnology sector. His mother worked in the strategic communications department of a Fortune 500 company. His father believes that his personal relationship with his son is what attracts viewers to their YouTube channel. Markham has two sisters; their names are London and Claire. The first is a young girl who appreciates playing with toys, whereas the second enjoys drawing, playing sports, and writing stories.

Estimated Net Worth

Lincoln is one of the wealthiest American YouTube stars. According to our analysis, Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, the net worth of Lincoln Markham is $5 million.