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Livia Giuggioli is an Italian environmentalist and producer of documentaries. She is best recognized in the Western media as Colin Firth’s wife. She was born and reared in Rome, received her degree in film studies from the “University of Rome,” and with the documentary “Giuseppe Tornatore: A Dream Dreamt in Sicily,” made her directorial debut. She joined producer Fernando Ghia at the start of the 1990s and collaborated with him to enhance her abilities as a director. While collaborating with Fernando, she met Colin. Following their initial courtship, Livia and Colin wed in 1997. She co-founded ‘Nana Productions,’ a film production company, with her husband and released her debut documentary, ‘In Prison My Whole Life,’ a year later. Livia has consistently spoken up on behalf of the marginalized indigenous population. She has also been a vocal supporter of the green fashion movement. She recently gained attention after she admitted to having an affair with a man who was accused of following her. The story generated a lot of buzz in the global media. Mateo and Lucca are Colin and Livia’s two children.

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Early Childhood & Life

In Rome, Italy, on September 4, 1969, Livia Giuggioli was born. She was a disobedient youngster who had always been interested in a career in film. She was able to complete her cinema studies degree at the ‘University of Rome,’ one of the oldest and most prominent universities in the world, despite some reluctance from her parents.
After receiving her degree, she started working as a production assistant on Marc Evans’ documentary “Giuseppe Tornatore: A Dream Dreamt in Sicily.”

Livia Giuggioli’s Career

Livia has a diverse range of abilities in her career. She has continued to be involved throughout her life in fashion and charitable efforts in addition to making documentaries. In 1990, she began her career working with producer Fernando Ghia, from whom she learned the nuances of the motion picture industry. She initially met Colin during the filming of the television movie “Nostromo,” and ever since then, her life has never been the same.

She founded ‘Eco-Age,’ a consultancy in 2007 that promotes eco-friendly apparel. A store for “Eco-Age” is located in London, and Livia is en route to starting a few more stores in significant English cities. She is co-managing the project alongside her brother Nicola Giuggioli and Ivon Coulson, a close friend. In order to make sure her opinion is heard, she routinely speaks out in favor of organizations that promote eco-friendly fashion and publishes blogs.

Livia’s interest in eco-friendly clothing led her to Bangladesh in 2009, where she was pleased by the country’s fashion firms for their efforts to advance the cause. She expressed her delight at discovering that individuals in distant parts of the world shared her concern for the environment.

She holds the capitalist way of thinking responsible for the destruction of the environment. She has been successful in securing funding and interest from numerous significant business and fashion firms while serving as the acting creative director of “Eco-Age.” The “Green Carpet Challenge,” or “GCC,” is credited to her as its inventor.

She contributed as a documentary producer to the Marc Evans-helmed documentary “In Prison My Whole Life.” The film’s highly contentious subject matter—the erroneous conviction and execution of a political activist who was wrongly charged with the murder of a police officer in 1981—was well received.

The movie received praise from the worldwide festival circuit and was given the “Best Documentary” prize at the 2007 Geneva Worldwide Human Rights Awards. The documentary was produced by her production company, “Nana Productions,” which she and her husband, Colin Firth, co-founded.

Livia decided to make four more documentaries in the years that followed, inspired by the movie’s success. With her documentary, “The True Cost,” she contributed to the advancement of environmentally friendly clothing. The movie, which Netflix has bought, is Livia’s most well-known production.

Livia launched “The Circle Initiative” in 2011, which was made up of like-minded women who had accompanied her to the underdeveloped nations of Asia and Africa. To help ‘The Circle Initiative’ become well-known, Livia has planned numerous events in London and other significant English cities. In 2002, she established “Green Cut,” a joint venture of the “GCC” and “American Express,” taking her environmental activism to a completely new level.

Eight renowned fashion designers from around the world created special garments as part of the project to promote the “GCC” and eco-friendly attire. She received the ‘UN Leader of Change award that year for her deliberate efforts to raise global awareness of the value of the environment.

‘Gucci,’ one of the top fashion brands in the world, joined her ‘GCC’ program in 2013, helping it reach new heights. Bag production at “Gucci” got underway with no deforestation. She got an honorary award from the National German Sustainability Foundation in addition to the “Rainforest Alliance Award” in 2014.

‘Oxfam Global,’ a group dedicated to advancing human rights and eradicating poverty worldwide, is another organization in which she is quite active. She plans charity events and other activities to raise money for the rehabilitation of the disadvantaged, particularly women.

She and her husband give support to ‘Survival International,’ an organization that aims to ensure the survival of indigenous and tribal people all over the world. Livia ran a campaign in 2012 to protect the Brazilian tribe ‘Awá,’ which is regarded as the “most endangered tribe in the world.”

Livia’s Individual Life

During the filming of the television movie “Nostromo,” which starred Colin Firth, Livia Giuggioli got to know Colin. When the actor first met Livia in 1995, he wasn’t having much success. However, the couple quickly began dating. Colin had three children from a previous marriage at the time. In 1997, Colin and Livia exchanged vows. Luca was born in 2001, and Matteo followed in 2003. Livia, on the other hand, asserted that after meeting her parents, Colin won their favor.

Livia claimed that writer Marco Brancaccia had been stalking her in 2018. She reported the incident to the police, and the man said he once had an affair with Livia. He was apparently “harassing” her by calling her constantly and texting her.

After some time passed, Livia finally admitted that she had an affair with Marco in 2015, when she and Colin Firth were momentarily apart. The news shocked both Colin and Livia’s supporters. It was one of the most talked-about incidents in the global entertainment industry for a while.

Estimated Net Worth

One of the wealthiest Italian film producers is Livia. We calculated Livia Giuggioli’s net worth from Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, and it is $5 million.