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Updated On January 7, 2022
Moscow, Russia
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Moscow, Russia

Liza Anokhina is a Russian social media figure who is most known for her TikTok dance and lip-sync videos. She started making vlogs and hilarious videos on YouTube in 2017 and quickly gained a large following. She later joined TikTok, which helped her gain popularity. She currently has a fanbase of over 25 million, making her one of the platform’s most popular stars.

Ascend to Fame

Anokhina started her YouTube channel in 2017 and began releasing dance and comedy videos. She eventually joined TikTok and started filming lip-sync and dancing videos, which quickly went viral. Anokhina amassed millions of fans on the video-sharing platform in a short period of time. She has a sizable following on Instagram, with over 3.5 million followers.

Liza received the Gold Creator Award from YouTube in 2021 after her channel reached one million followers. While she is best known for posting dance and comedy videos, her food challenge videos have also received a lot of traction. Her TikTok video of trying the Russian soup Borscht was viewed by millions in December 2020. She’s also appeared in one of Maryana Ro’s videos, a popular YouTube celebrity.

Personal Experiences of Liza Anokhina

Liza Anokhina was born in Moscow, Russia, on April 30, 2007, to Marina Anokhina and Vadim Anokhima. She has two older sisters and one older brother and is the youngest of four siblings. She hasn’t shared much about her family or relationship status on social media, preferring to keep her private life private.

Anokhina has a wide range of skills, which are evident in her videos. She is especially talented at dancing and has a peculiar sense of humour. Liza wants to continue her education in the field of media.

The Internet and Social Media

Liza is active on a number of social media channels. She has over 25 million TikTok fans and has a TikTok account under the name anokhinalz. She has a YouTube account called иa ноина on which she uploads videos. Over a million people have subscribed to the channel. Liza can also be found on Instagram, where she goes by the handle Anokhina elizabeth 2007.

Estimated Net Worth

Liza Anokhina has a net worth of $1,590,000.