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British author, actor, and radio host Lliana Bird. She is well-known for anchoring shows on some of Britain’s most popular radio stations. She began working for radio stations in the mid-2000s after earning her degree in experimental psychology from Bristol University. She was born and reared in London, England. She has held positions at Virgin Radio, Capital Radio, and BBC Three Counties Radio. In 2010, she had one of her biggest career breakthroughs when she was asked to host the radio documentary series “Independents Day.” She currently broadcasts the well-liked Sunday night show on “Radio X” and hosts a radio program called “Get it off Your Breasts.” She has also been on “Sky News” and “BBC Breakfast” multiple times on television. The novel “The Mice Who Sing for Sex” is her creation. She writes about social topics for “The Huffington Post” as well. She has performed in a few plays as an actor and has also displayed her versatility in the theater. She is also a co-founder of “Help Refugees” and “The Kindly Collective,” among other philanthropic endeavors.

Early Life & Childhood

August 17, 1981, saw the birth of Lliana Bird in London, England. She studied experimental psychology at “Bristol University,” where she received her degree, with the goal of becoming a writer.

Career of Lliana Bird

Before getting a position at a radio station, Lliana worked at a few different jobs. Her radio appearances have helped her gain fame since 2007.

She had a brief spell as a radio presenter in the early years, working for a program on “XFM,” which she continued to host until 2015. Afterwards, “XFM” became “Radio X.” Lliana played “Kick Out the Jam,” the song that the station had started its journey with, and gave the last live link prior to the rebranding.

She had a successful radio career and became well-liked by her listeners because of her sharp mind and oddball sense of humor. She had a voice of her own when it came to social concerns.

Her major break came in 2010 when she was chosen to host the radio documentary series “Independents Day.” The show centered on the ascent and challenges faced by those in charge of indie record labels.

She occasionally hits new milestones in her career as a TV presenter, and her success never stops. She presently hosts “Radio X’s” wildly successful Sunday night show. Russell Brand, a well-known comedian, also has a show on the radio channel. Alternative rock and small-time indie tracks are featured on the station’s regular rotation.
Additionally, she has hosted programs on radio networks like BBC Three Counties Radio, Capital Radio, and Virgin Radio. She was asked to appear as a guest on radio shows like “LBC,” “BBC London,” and “BBC 5 Live” as her popularity grew.

She is well-known for being the funny and eccentric host of the weekly radio program “Geek Chick’s Weird Science.” It has grown to be one of the most well-liked radio factual programs and was named one of the “iTunes Best of 2014” over time.

She has also co-presented the program “Get it Off Your Breasts” with well-known radio host Emma Gannon. The show focuses on difficulties that women face in the modern period and involves passionate, unedited roundtable discussions.

She has also been a frequent TV guest in recent years. She has made guest commentary appearances on “Sky News” and “BBC Breakfast.” She had given a brief presentation on “XFM TV” in the past.

She has a passion for animals and was successful in presenting a conversation series in 2014 regarding the “London Zoo.” Her invitation to appear as a guest on the “BBC” program “Springwatch” Radio is still her top priority, though. Her TV appearances are usually short.

She wasn’t very interested in performing arts during her early career. Nevertheless, when she established the theater production company “Bird & Be” in 2009, her passion grew. Along with renowned English theatrical artist Phoebe Barran, she formed the company.

That same year, the company performed “The Tin Horizon,” their debut play. It was an Orlando Wells play that was being restaged. The performance took place in London at “Theatre 503.” Both reviewers and audiences greeted the performance with enthusiasm.

She has performed in multiple plays in addition to overseeing her own company’s production responsibilities. One of her most well-known productions is “Fiddler on the Roof,” a timeless drama based on a novel by Joseph Stein that is set in 1905 in Russia. The musical was performed at “The Lyric Theatre” and was well-received by critics.
Actor appearances in some of her other plays include “Boom-Bang-a-Bang” and “The Christmas Cock-up,” which were shown at the “Etcetera Theatre” and the “Cockpit Theatre,” respectively.

She approached Orlando Wells for another play, “The Duke in Darkness,” after finding success with his piece “The Tin Horizon.” She contributed to the play’s co-production as well. In 2013, it was presented at the “Tabard Theatre.”
Additionally, she made appearances in the first two seasons of “Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy,” a well-liked surreal comedy series. Strong, divided reviews have been given to the comedic TV show. It has drawn harsh criticism as well as warm applause from different viewers.

Lliana has also demonstrated her acting prowess in a number of “The Mighty Boosh” episodes.
She has been a writer for “The Huffington Post,” one of the largest British magazines. She receives praise and criticism for tackling a wide range of social topics in her blogs and articles.

In 2016, she published a book titled “The Mice Who Sing for Sex: And Other Weird Tales from the World of Science,” going beyond just authoring short pieces. Together with Dr. Jack, who frequently appears on her podcast, “Geek Chick’s Weird Science,” she co-wrote the book.

Since the start of her career, she has actively participated in humanitarian endeavors. She was a co-founder of the organization “Help Refugees,” which was established in 2015. The nonprofit advocates for and provides financial aid to refugees worldwide in an effort to improve their quality of life. Over eighty initiatives are being handled by the organization in the Middle East and Europe alone.

She received an invitation to host the “London Peace Talks” in 2016.
She is one of the co-founders of The Kindly Collective, a charity that gathers money to provide financial and humanitarian aid to underprivileged women and children worldwide in 2017.

Individual Life of Lliana Bird

In 2010, Lliana Bird began dating comedian Noel Fielding. For many years, the pair had concealed their relationship from the public. Lliana gave birth to her daughter Dali in April 2018. She has Salvador Dali’s name, who is Noel’s favorite surrealist artist.

Net worth of Lliana Bird

The estimated net worth of Lliana Bird is about $1 million.