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American reality TV celebrity Loren Jordan first gained notoriety as a cast member of the 12th season of the program “Bad Girls Club.” She appeared in the show with Alexandria Rice, Alyssa Carswell, Jonica Booth, Linsey Jade, and Jada Cacchilli. Jordan, well known by her stage name “The Mobile Belle,” is a model and an actress. She is now regarded as one of the industry’s funniest and most opinionated reality TV characters. She’s also very talkative, but charming at the same time. Jordan describes herself as the epitome of a “Turn Up” party girl. Her personality is “tomboyish,” therefore she has no trouble blending in with the males. She is known to pick up conflicts with other women frequently, though, and she finds it easy to get into arguments with them. Jordan is a loving daughter who is very close to her mother behind the scenes. She is an ardent football enthusiast. She has an aggressive and distinct personality all around.

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Jordan from the Bad Girls Club

Following her appearance on the television program “Bad Girls Club,” Loren Jordan rose to fame (BGC). This American reality TV show was centered on the conflicts and confrontations between seven very combative, obnoxious, and prickly women. Jordan became a part of the program for its 12th season, which debuted on May 13, 2014. As the “original bad girls,” she was joined by Alexandria “Alex” Rice, Brittany Britton, Alyssa Carswell, Jonica Booth, Linsey Jade, and Jada Cacchilli. Aysia Garza, another “bad girl,” later appeared on the program.

A conflict between “Bad Girls Club”‘s creators and The Village Board of Trustees in Illinois ruined the filming of the show’s 12th season. The choice of where to shoot was the topic of discussion. In the end, the disagreement was resolved.

The show’s twelfth season proved to be incredibly captivating, with each of the seven women having a distinct personality. It has a lot of memorable episodes, like “Model Behavior,” “Easy Come, Easy Go,” and “Redemption.” Alyssa Carswell’s removal from the house and the women’s journey to Barcelona are two of the series’ most memorable moments. Another pivotal moment came when Alex decided to vacate the mansion.

Her “extra loud” personality was what drew the audience’s attention to Loren Jordan. She frequently got into arguments with the other women about unimportant things. She did, however, succeed in winning over a lot of people with her absurd sense of humor. She made it to the finale of the reality show because of her charisma and distinct personality.

Individual Life of Loren Jordan

On October 25, 1989, Loren Jordan was born to Erica in Mobile, Alabama, in the United States. We don’t know the name of her father. Later on, she moved to Houston, Texas. She claims that her father is unmatched and that she is a true “daddy’s girl.”

Jordan characterizes herself as “spoiled rotten.” She enjoys living a lavish lifestyle and has high-end tastes. She does not put up with people who dare to mess with her and appreciates those who respect her.

The net worth of Loren Jordan

The estimated net worth of Loren Jordan is about $1 million.