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Kathleen Belsten, an Australian internet personality, goes by the handle Loserfruit. Her most well-known activity on Twitch is game broadcasting. Although Loserfruit streams a wide range of games, it’s common to catch him playing titles like Fortnite, League of Legends, and Call of Duty. Along with being a member of the well-known gaming group “The Click Crew,” which includes a number of well-known internet personalities like Muselk, Crayator, BazzaGazza, Marcus, Lazarbeam, and Lachlan, she also uploads gaming content to YouTube. She is one of the nominees for the “Twitch Streamer of the Year” Shorty Award. Loserfruit made an appearance in a 2014 episode of the well-liked Australian television program “60 Minutes.”

Early Life & Childhood of Loserfruit

On February 22, 1993, in Melbourne, Australia, Loserfruit was born. She received her degree from “Flinders Christian Community College” in 2010. Loserfruit enrolled at “RMIT University” in 2011, and she earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the institution in 2013. Loserfruit launched her YouTube channel and began uploading video game-related footage on March 24, 2013. She began working as an intern at the “Australian Broadcasting Corporation” in June 2013 and later made the decision to stream Twitch full-time.

Career of Loserfruit

On May 4, 2013, Loserfruit uploaded her first video to YouTube. She began by broadcasting League of Legends before delving into other well-known titles like GoldenEye 007 and The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. When Loserfruit started to stream video games like “Overwatch” and “Call of Duty,” she began to gain fame. She had achieved great popularity by 2017 due to her gaming prowess. Donations are another way Loserfruit makes money in addition to sponsorships, ad income, and subscription fees. She stated in an interview that she receives payments from donors ranging from $1000 to $5000, with the amount varying based on the individual.

Additionally, Loserfruit earns hundreds of dollars via her YouTube channel. She vlogs about her travels and posts gameplay highlights on her channel. Additionally, Loserfruit enjoys popularity on other social media networks including Instagram and Twitter.

Loserfruit is a member of “The Click Crew,” a well-known online gaming community. She frequently works with the “Click Crew” members and highlights them on her Instagram page. In addition to her gaming prowess, Loserfruit is renowned for her sincere personality and deft wit. In 2014, she made her television debut on the Australian broadcast of “60 Minutes,” a newsmagazine program.

Individual Life of Loserfruit

Marcus and Loserfruit have been together since 2017. Despite her immense popularity, Loserfruit still has to cope with trolls and abusers. She disclosed in an interview that she experiences sexual harassment from male subscribers and players. She resides in Sydney at the moment.

Net worth of Loserfruit

The estimated net worth of Loserfruit is about $1 million.