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British model, TV personality, and reality star Louise Thompson is well recognized for her role in the Emmy-winning reality series “Made in Chelsea” on E4. Along with her, her brother Sam makes an appearance on the show. After completing her studies at Downe House High School, she went on to Edinburgh University to obtain her master’s degree in geography. Despite coming from a wealthy family, she had little interest in show business until she started college and made friends with members of the upper class. “Made in Chelsea” chronicles the cast’s opulent lifestyle. She has been in relationships for a while. Before she met Ryan Libbey, her current boyfriend and personal trainer, she was an alcoholic on the point of losing her health. He had a major role in changing her life and raising her awareness of fitness. She competed in the reality winter sports series “The Jump,” placing fourth. Based on her own experiences and research, she wrote a book titled “Live Well With Louise: Fitness & Food to Feel Strong & Happy.” In addition, she owns the successful apparel brand Pocket London, which she began as a passion and has since expanded into a successful business. Rumor has it that she and her current fiancé are engaged.

Childhood & Formative Years

On March 26, 1990, in South Kensington, London, UK, Karen Thompson gave birth to Louise Anne De Courcy Thompson. She grew up in a wealthy area with her younger brother.
Sam, her brother, became a reality TV celebrity and he followed her career on the show “Made in Chelsea.” Karen, her mother, shocked viewers with her charm when she made an appearance on the show. Her father moved in with his girlfriend after he and her mother split up. He doesn’t spend a lot of time with his kids.

Louise completed her high school education at “Downe House High School,” where she boarded her final year. She wasn’t interested in any extracurricular activities, but she enjoyed spending time with her pals. She had a reputation for being a quiet girl who liked to stick to herself. Afterward, she graduated with a master’s degree in geography from Edinburgh University, where she also acquired friends who encouraged her to go out of her shell and mingle.

Career of Louise Thompson

While still a college student, Louise Thompson made a fleeting appearance on the reality series “Made in Chelsea” in late 2010. In 2011, she became a regular cast member during the second series of the show. Her personal life and her involvement in a love triangle with Jamie Laing and Spencer Matthews were depicted in her debut episode on the show.

She was first exposed to the entertainment industry through the series, which went on to become one of the most-watched “E4” programs since its debut. It went on to discuss her romances with a number of boyfriends, as well as her current partnership with Ryan Libbey, a fitness trainer.

She demonstrated her physical prowess in 2015 when she competed in the winter sports reality show “The Jump,” placing fourth overall. She has now become involved in social media campaigns to encourage healthy living and physical activity.

She has starred in advertisements for Goddiva, Magnum Mini, Cadbury’s Crème Egg, and Gorgeous Couture. She also served as a model for the “Boux Avenue” brand. She served as a model for an impressive array of swimwear in 2017.

Her own book, “Live Well With Louise: Fitness & Food to Feel Strong & Happy,” was published in June 2018 as a result of her lifestyle and fitness study. Her fans loved the book, and the reviews were favorable.

As a hobby, she began sewing clothes with a friend, and shortly after, “Pocket London,” her own clothing brand, was launched. Everyone adored her T-shirts and pants, so her success led her to start making accessories as well.

At the moment, Louise is a well-known socialite with a sizable social media fan base.

Large Works of Louise Thompson

She has made appearances on the reality television programs Made in Chelsea (2011), The Jump (2014), and Made in Chelsea: Ibiza (2017).
2018 saw the publication of her book, “Live Well With Louise: Fitness & Food to Feel Strong & Happy.”

Individual Life of Louise Thompson

Louise adores being outside and takes pleasure in skating and skiing. She is an enthusiastic animal lover and enjoys trekking in the highlands. She lives her daily life with her favorite dog. She loves big handbags and “Peter Pan” collars, and she has a keen sense of style. She is renowned for her daring wardrobe and her lack of concern about other people’s opinions as long as she feels at ease.
Being a reality star has led to her name being romantically linked to several men. In 2012, she dated Spencer Matthews and Jamie Laing. Later on, she broke up with every one of them.

Her name was linked to Andy Jordan and Niall Horan in 2013. She began dating TV celebrity Alik Alfus in 2014, and in 2017, Ryan Libbey was linked to her name.

She enjoys sharing images of her opulent and glamorous lifestyle on social media, where she is a frequent “Instagrammer.” She frequently shares a ton of pictures from her workouts with Ryan Libbey on social media.

Louise had an alcohol addiction that nearly caused her health to collapse. But Ryan quickly got Louise back on track and made her a health-conscious person. She currently has an addiction to fitness and enjoys working out.

She has been in a number of boyfriends, but she hasn’t been in a committed relationship before. Though unconfirmed, there were reports that she was engaged to Ryan Libbey. She once said that before getting married and starting a family, she wanted to enjoy life to the fullest.

Facts of Louise Thompson

As a hobby, she and a buddy launched their own clothing business, Pocket London.
Her life experiences and in-depth study on the topic led to the writing of her book, “Live Well With Louise: Fitness & Food to Feel Strong & Happy.”

The net worth of Louise Thompson

The estimated net worth of Louise Thompson is about $1 million.