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In 2012, Lucy Watson, a British socialite, reporter, reality star, model, writer, and entrepreneur, joined the main cast of E4’s award-winning structured reality television series “Made in Chelsea,” which won a “BAFTA” for best television program. She continued to work on the show for 92 episodes before leaving in 2016 during the 11th season. Before landing a reporting position at ITV Granada in Manchester, she worked on a variety of ITV shows as well as radio programs in the beginning of her career in broadcasting. She relocated to ITV Central in 2008, and in 2010 she was hired as the network’s North of England correspondent for the show “Daybreak.” Afterwards, she worked as the show’s New York reporter up until 2014, when she joined ITV News as a China correspondent. She covered some of the major events coming out of the country, such as the protests in Hong Kong and North Korean news. Along with her sister Tiffany Watson, she started her vegan restaurant and her own jewelry business, Creature Jewellery. She has approached PETA as an animal activist to work with them on their initiatives, including a controversial photo shoot for their anti-fur campaign.

Lucy Watson’s Biography

As a runner for “Stars in Your Eyes,” Lucy Watson started her career in broadcasting. Later on, she started working as a researcher for ITV programs like “You’ve Been Framed!” and “60 Minute Makeover.” She returned to school to complete her degree in journalism to advance her reporting career.

She then started covering big stories for BBC Radio Merseyside and Real Radio in Manchester. Before working as a TV reporter for ITV Granada in Manchester, she conducted radio broadcasting for six months.

She moved to Birmingham in 2008 to take a job at ITV Central, where she started delivering late news shows and weekend news bulletins. She was hired two years later to work as the North of England correspondent for ITV’s Daybreak.

She took Nick Dixon’s position as the show’s New York reporter in 2011, and in 2014 she joined ITV News as a China Correspondent. She did, however, become well-known after beginning her acting career in 2012 with a lead part in the E4 reality series “Made in Chelsea.”

Arguments Against a Vegan Lifestyle

Lucy Watson, who was raised on a farm in Surrey with animals, had a deep attachment to them at a young age. She made the decision to become a vegetarian as soon as she was old enough to understand that the meat she had been consuming originated from animals that had previously been living.

She believes it is incorrect to distinguish between agricultural animals like sheep, cows, ducks, and chickens and pets like cats and dogs because all living things have feelings and should be allowed to live. Afterward, she and her sister Tiffany opened a vegan restaurant. She sparked controversy, however, when she stated in her 2017 vegan cookbook that most people ought to switch to vegetarianism for ethical reasons.

‘Great British Baking Off’ finalist and food writer Ruby Tandoh blasted her remarks, saying she shouldn’t be able to “dictate people’s lives from a Sloane palace.” She cited a number of legitimate factors, including “disordered eating, lack of access to vegan foods, handicap, medical issues, poverty, and the many societal and cultural causes,” which can influence how some individuals eat in order to support her position. Watson responded to this by saying that Ruby took her statement personally because her own cookbook had several recipes that promoted the consumption of meat and dairy items.

Lucy’s Individual Life

The multi-millionaire proprietor of a network of pubs and restaurants, Clive Watson, and his wife Fiona Lygo welcomed Lucy Watson into the world on February 20, 1991, in Manchester, England. Tiffany, her younger sister, was born in November 1993.

Alfie and Edwin are their younger half-brothers. She was a student at Bramley’s St. Catherine School before enrolling at Godalming College. She spent time attending college after beginning her TV job to obtain a degree in journalism. The television show “Made in Chelsea” included her father as a guest star. 2014 saw the addition of her sister Tiffany to the show’s cast.

Lucy Watson’s Relationships

Lucy Watson became involved in a love triangle with Spencer Matthews, Louise Thompson, and other cast members of “Made in Chelsea” not long after joining the show. She started dating Spencer in 2013, at the start of the fifth season of the show. But after discovering that he had cheated on her over a holiday, she called it quits two months later.

She apparently spent a few months in 2014 with Oliver Proudlock, another co-star. Afterward, she started dating Jamie Laing, a member of another cast from the program. However, since 2015, she has been dating James Dunmore, a cast member from “Made in Chelsea.” In order to spend more time with her lover, she apparently quit the show in 2016.

Estimated Net Worth

Lucy Watson is an actress and reality television star with a $4 million dollar net worth. In February 1991, Lucy Watson was born.