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Updated On May 5, 2023
Wausau, Wisconsin
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Wausau, Wisconsin

With the help of his YouTube videos, Luke Korns rose to fame in 2011. He began sharing his humorous videos, bizarre and outlandish theories, and videos about relationships on his channel called “UncleKornicob” and quickly established a following. He worked with celebrities like Ricky Dillon and Mikey Murphy to make the video “Guessing Tweets.” In addition, he has worked on his videos with celebrities like ConorFranta, Chris O’Flying, Turner Lux, and others. His films have attracted a sizable following from young viewers and caused quite a stir. His first step in realizing his goal of one day working as a film director was to start making videos, and the steadily growing number of followers has given him the courage to do so. He has so far produced a number of well-liked videos. Two film studios have also approached him and promised to sponsor his videos.

The Epic Ascent to Stardom

Luke Korns had a passion for filmmaking since he was a little child. He was really interested in the production process and aspired to direct movies when he grew older. As soon as he got his hands on his first camera, he began to create videos. In January 2011, he posted his debut video, “Burts Song – Official Music Video.”

From that point forward, he consistently posted his videos about romantic relationships as well as several humorous videos to his channel, UncleKornicob. He now has 990K YouTube subscribers thanks to his popularity, making him a burgeoning sensation. He has more than 365K followers on Twitter and more than 610K followers on Instagram, where he is extremely active.

Why Luke Korns Is So Unique?

Since he was a young child, Luke Korns has been interested in learning about the filmmaking process. He had a strong interest in the process of making movies and aspired to direct them when he was older. Many aspiring YouTube stars have been content to become well-known stars on numerous social media platforms. Luke, however, has aspirations of becoming a film director someday and is not content with only becoming a YouTube celebrity.

Many young people who similarly have lofty aspirations for their future have taken note of how seriously he takes his dreams. He started shooting videos as soon as he got his first camera. It was his first start toward achieving his ultimate aim of turning into a reputable film director in the future, and up until today, he has made numerous moves in that direction.

Young people who wish to pursue their aspirations in many industries can use his commitment and effort to become a film director as a powerful example. He has already made a name for himself as someone who hopes to work as a film director in the future, and his loved ones and friends are completely behind him.

Luke’s Past Fame

Luke Korns is now single and without a girlfriend. He has avoided all kind of scandals and problems up until this point. He keeps himself busy by coming up with fresh concepts for new videos. Despite working with many different persons to create his videos, he has refrained from engaging in any questionable activities. He is currently more interested in creating videos in order to eventually reach his goal of being a well-known film director.

Behind the Scenes

Lucas Thomas Korns, better known as Like Korns, was born on September 26, 1996, in Wausau, Wisconsin, in the United States. He traveled to Guatemala with his older sister, Mandy, who was also a member of the mission team. He was born and raised in Wisconsin but now resides in Los Angeles, California, to be nearer to the motion picture business.

He was drawn to movies and the methods utilized to make them since he was a little child. His goal was to work as a director and produce his own movies. When he got his hands on his first video camera, he began to make videos as the first step in realizing his dreams. He began by using himself as the subject of his videos, but gradually enlisted the aid of others to produce videos on a variety of subjects.

Estimated Net Worth

As of 2022, Luke has a $3 million net worth. With the help of his YouTube account, Korns earned money. He has more than 2 million YouTube subscribers.