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Luna Blaise is an actress from the United States who is best known for her role in the television series ‘Fresh Off the Boat.’ She began her acting career with modeling contracts and modest cameo roles in feature films have been passionate about it since she was a child. She was thereafter approached with offers for recurrent roles in television series. She has also made cameos in music videos as part of her career. Her performances earned her the Young Artist Award in the category of “Recurring Young Actress” (14–21). Her credits include the feature film ‘Vicious Circle,’ the art film ‘Memoria,’ the television series ‘Fresh Off the Boat,’ and the music video for the song Sweatshirt.’

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The Career of Luna

Luna Blaise began her career as a model and commercial actress when she was five years old. Dunkin’ Donuts, KFC, Target, Juicy Couture, Gap, and Mcdonald’s are just a few of the well-known businesses with whom she has collaborated.

She made a cameo appearance in the film ‘Vicious Circle’ in 2008. In 2013, she had her breakout performance in James Franco’s indie art film ‘Memoria,’ in which she played little Nina. She was offered a recurring role on the ABC television show “Fresh Off the Boat” in 2014.

She was the romantic interest in online celebrity Jacob Sartorius’ music video ‘Sweatshirt’ in 2013. The video received a lot of attention, and she had to deal with threats from Jacob Sartorius’s fans once rumors that they were dating circulated. She, on the other hand, handled the rumors with grace, which raised her reputation almost immediately.

She hopes to collaborate with Tim Burton, Drew Barrymore, and Steven Spielberg in the future. She was awarded the Young Artist Award for Recurring Young Actress (14–21) in 2016.

Her Personal Experiences

Luna Blaise was born in Los Angeles, California on October 1, 2001. Paul Boyd, her father, is a film director, and Angelyna Martinez, her mother, is an actress. Since she was a toddler, her parents had observed that she had a natural talent for acting.

She began reciting narratives and creating fictional characters as soon as she was able to speak. She also enjoyed dressing up and acting in plays.

She started performing commercials when she was five years old and later moved on to acting.

Her favorite pleasure is watching various components of a film, such as trailers, behind-the-scenes footage, documentaries, making videos, and full-length movies, as she has been interested in acting since a young age.

Estimated net worth

Luna Blaise’s net worth is reported to be $500 thousand, however, her salary is unknown. She’s been in the entertainment industry since she was a child, and she’s starred in a number of large and small screen ventures, including the primary cast of NBC’s supernatural drama series “Manifest.”

Luna has amassed great recognition and money as a result of her outstanding acting skills. She won a Young Artist Award for her recurring role as Nicole on “Fresh Off the Boat.”