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Machaizelli Kahey is a comedian from the United States who performs on YouTube under the moniker “MacDoesIt.” Since 2012, Kahey has been a popular YouTuber. He gained recognition in 2015 when he took home the highly coveted Best in Comedy Vlog award from the Buffer festival. In addition to his scathing and satirical humor, Kahey is well-known for his exaggerated movements in his performances. He started his channel a few years ago, and as of right now, he has over 1.5 million subscribers. The popularity of his videos attests to the fact that he is a highly regarded comedian on the platform. Millions of people have watched some of his videos. He is at ease talking about his sexuality with his audience and is openly gay. For young people who are having difficulty accepting who they are and their sexual orientation, he is an excellent role model.

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Ascent to Fame

Kahey began his professional life with humorous comics. In 2012, he created his own YouTube channel under the pseudonym “MacDoesIt.” His characteristic high-pitched voice, ecstatic reactions, and clever humor are present in nearly all of his channel’s videos. In his vlogs, he has also made fun of other YouTubers, like Tana Mongeau. On his YouTube account, Kahey has posted a few reaction videos in addition to some gaming videos. His admirers particularly like his signature “over-the-top reactions” to some of the remarks made by other users on social media. What distinguishes him from the countless other comedians on YouTube are his exaggerated reactions!

Kahey is renowned for acknowledging and discussing his homosexuality in public. His YouTube channel’s highest-watched video was posted on February 14, 2017. “Reacting to Anti-Gay Commercials Because I’m Gay” was the title of the article. In this video, Kahey reads several remarks made by strangers on social media against homosexuality. The majority of these remarks were hateful and vindictive. But Kahey responded to these remarks hilariously. As of December 2018, the video had amassed over 10 million views.

Kahey also participated in a campaign against YouTube’s rules on corporate partnerships and social media ads. YouTubers talked about how excessively promoting advertising partnerships and commercials in their material can erode viewers’ faith in the content creator. Kahey talked on the significance of keeping a balance between overdoing endorsements and refraining altogether. He believed that it is quite reasonable for YouTubers to accept brand endorsements because they must rely on their channels to earn a living.

Personal & Family Life

On November 25, 1996, Machaizelli Kahey was born in Los Angeles, California. He has a close relationship with his sister, who frequently appears in his videos.

Net worth of Machaizelli Kahey

The estimated net worth of Machaizelli Kahey is about $1 million.