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Madelaine Petsch is an American actor best known for playing the lead character in the television series “Riverdale.” Her early years were spent in Washington, where she was born. Her parents still make trips to South Africa, where they were born and raised. Madelaine, therefore, spent the majority of her youth and adolescence moving back and forth between these two nations. She has always had a knack for the performing arts. She had received acting and dance training by the time she was ten. She began going to auditions in high school, but her lack of good fortune prevented her from landing any significant mainstream roles. She made her acting debut in the TV movie “The Hive” in 2015 when she played a minor role. Following that, she made appearances in “Instant Mom” and “The Curse of Sleeping Beauty.” She became well-known for her role as ‘Cheryl Blossom,’ a spoiled rich girl, in the television show ‘Riverdale.’ Her performance made her a major star and helped her win a few accolades.

Early Childhood & Life

On August 18, 1994, in Port Orchard, Washington, Madelaine Petsch was born. Timothy S. Petsch and Michele Pestch, her parents, were born in South Africa and eventually emigrated to the US. Her parents continued to go back and forth between South Africa and the US, though, until finally settling there. Since she was young, Madelaine has been drawn to the performing arts, particularly acting and dance. When she was 3 years old, her mother arranged for her to join a dance school. She started taking theater classes a year later.

She was teased at school because she had red hair. She and her brother frequently engaged the bullies in stone-throwing combat. She did, however, grow up as a teenager with extremely low self-esteem as a result of the bullying. Additionally, the bullies gave her a lot of grief because of her South African accent. She grew up with no religious influences. But it also assisted her in developing a logical outlook on life, which aided in her early independence.
She had begun going to the school play by the time she was a teenager. She entered “Tacoma School of the Arts” after graduating from art school.

She relocated to Los Angeles after graduating to start a career as an actor. She found it difficult to fit in with the local way of life, though. She supported herself by working in restaurants, and coffee shops, and also as a photographer’s assistant. In a past interview, she claimed to have attended 247 auditions while struggling.

Madelaine Petsch’s Career

Madelaine worked at menial jobs for months before she received her first acting salary. She tried out for a nationwide Coca-Cola advertisement in 2014. Madelaine had additional contacts in the business after being chosen to represent the campaign. In the same year, she was given a small part in the independent horror movie “The Hive,” which had a limited release. In the movie, Madelaine played a minor, uncredited role.

She had an appearance in the “Nickelodeon” children’s sitcom “Instant Mom” the following year. In one episode named “Gone Batty,” Madelaine had the part of a mermaid. In the 2016 television movie “The Curse of Sleeping Beauty,” she played the role of “Eliza.” There were numerous unfavorable reviews for the movie. It was a darker interpretation of “The Sleeping Beauty,” a well-known fairy tale.

For the ‘Riverdale series pilot audition in 2016, she received a call. She was asked to read the supporting character “Betty.” She had to wait four months after reading the lines before she received a call informing her of her selection. She later admitted that the show was a lucky break because she had gone to the auditions for “Legends of Tomorrow” originally. She was requested to try out for “Riverdale” by the “Legends of Tomorrow” producers instead.

Madelaine was cast as “Cheryl Blossom.” The worldwide premiere of the series, which was based on the hugely popular “Archie” comics, was met with raving praise. One of the series’ most well-liked characters is “Cheryl.” One of Archie’s classmates, “Cheryl,” was portrayed as a materially successful and cunning young woman. The show’s debut season received a positive reception. The second season was warmly accepted by the viewers, although not receiving as many favorable reviews as the previous season.

The success of the show quickly transcended national borders, and Cheryl became well-known worldwide. Both in 2017 and 2018, she was the recipient of the “Choice Hissy Fit” award at the “Teen Choice Awards.” She also received a “Scene Stealer” honor at the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards. After her incredibly successful run on “Riverdale,” Madelaine had an appearance in the direct-to-video movie “F the Prom.”

In the teen comedy, she portrayed the part of “Marissa.” Both critics and viewers gave the movie a lot of unfavorable reviews. One of the worst movies of 2017 was titled after it. She is scheduled to star in the 2018 supernatural horror film “Polaroid.” Madelaine will play “Joanne Flame” in the movie, a remake of the same-named short.

Madelaine’s Individual Life

Animal rights advocate Madelaine Petsch has been outspoken about her love of animals. She also states that she has been a vegan since she was 14 years old. ‘People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) advertisements have also included her.

Travis Mills, an actor, and musician, and she have been dating. They have been dating for about a year, and they are open about their love for one another on each other’s social media pages. She is also the pro-LGBT community. She comes out as bisexual in the second season of “Riverdale.” Later, she said that numerous of her admirers had praised her and had expressed a connection with her persona.

Estimated Net Worth

American actress, producer, and YouTube celebrity Madelaine Petsch has a $6 million dollar fortune. Madelaine Petsch has starred in movies like “F the Prom” (2017), “Polaroid” (2019), and “Sightless” (2020), but she is most recognized for her role as Cheryl Blossom on The CW’s “Riverdale” (2017-present).